Making A Comeback: The 200 Mile Race Training Guide

Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been filled with far too much… too much wine, too much sugar, too much food, too much spending money (we had to get new phones, my was on it’s last leg)…  just too much.


I’m not complaining by any means, all that too much was quite delicious and made for some wonderful times. But… I am ready to get back on track today! After all, I have a big trip this week and I want to look/feel my best!

It also didn’t hurt that I got a glorious 7 mile run in yesterday! They were on a treadmill thanks to a surprise downpour, but surprisingly that didn’t take away from the run.

I haven’t had a run in quite a while where I peeled off the towel covering the monitor to find I was a mile ahead of where I thought I would be. Love when that happens!


I know for many that isn’t a ton (and for many, it seems like a marathon), however after taking a bit of a hiatus off in terms of distance, intensity and passion from running for the past 2 months, it felt great.

This year, you will likely see a lot less miles per run, my goal is to run harder and faster within those miles. Goal achieved yesterday! 7.30- 8.00 minute pace. I am trying pretty hard not to let my pace creep up above 8 minute miles. It’s tough, but I know in order to get better I have to do more tempo runs (which I have consciously neglected thus far in my life).

Why The Focused Training? 

For two reasons…

1 – On March 15th, I am running a 10K. But to me its not just a 10K… it’s my final chance to get a seeded spot for the Cooper River Bridge Run. If I don’t hit my goal, then I doubt I’ll run the race (it’s just too big!).

2 – The weekend of March 28th, I’ll be running with 11 other ladies for the Palmetto 200 Relay Race (its not too late to register)! That means as a team, we will add 200 miles to our running shoes as we Forrest Gump our way from Columbia, SC to Charleston. Last year, we did the 70 mile option, this year we’re taking things to the next level.

I can’t wait, as there are several friends traveling quite a ways to do this run (Amanda, Lindsay, Katie, Julie) and several local running friends agreeing to partake in the craziness of the relay. Because of that, I feel I owe it to my teammates to be in the best shape possible.

My foot is about 95% better and the miles are starting to feel smooth again. So, I’m ready. Many friends have been sending me their training plans, and that was just what I needed to get myself structured and focused.

With less than 6 weeks out, here’s what my training will look like:

The Palmetto 200 Mile Training Plan

I love seeing other’s training plans so I thought perhaps those of you considering a relay race or that are curious about my own workouts might appreciate a look into my training plan.

From Now Until March 15th:


  • Mondays: 4-5 Miles
  • Tuesdays: Track Work & Strength Training
  • Wednesday: 3 Miles in the morning and 3 Miles in the evening
  • Thursday: Strength Training & Yoga
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: 6-8 Miles Tempo
  • Sunday: Strength

From March 15th – March 27th:


  • Mondays: Run 4 Miles in the morning and 4 Miles in the evening
  • Tuesdays: Track Work & Strength
  • Wednesday: 6-7 Miles Tempo
  • Thursday: Strength Training & Yoga
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: 8-10 Miles
  • Sunday: Strength Training

Not enough rest? After talking with a specialist in sports exercise and having my abilities tested, my body is able to handle this heavy workout load. Plus, it’s much like marathon training… train hard for a few weeks/months and take time off after to recover fully.

The Overview Of Relay Racing

Doing a relay race means each person will have to run multiple times over the course of 24 hours. That translates into running on tired legs.

The thought is that if you can run 2 10K’s in a day then you should be fit enough to run the race.

Here’s the thing though… I don’t want to just be able to run. I want to be able to run the best that I can for my fellow teammates. It’s important to start training your legs to move when tired about 4-6 weeks out so that it’s not a huge shock when race day arrives.

So that’s why I am doing 2 runs at least once a week, separated by about 8 hours to mimic what they’re going to do in March.

Thanks Attune & EarthFare

Before signing off for today, I want to quickly say thank you to Attune Foods and EarthFare Charleston



Both companies have been gracious in agreeing to support our team, Blisters In The Sun with fuel (food), water, and so much more for the upcoming big day.
Thank you.

–> What’s Some Guilt-free You’ve Done This Weekend?


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