Meet The Imperfect Perfect Woman Who Loves Her Ugly Body

First off… those are her words, not mine. I think that her body is beautiful and strong, and represents success.

But I regress…

The body is an amazing thing.

And to be honest I am never not in awe of what it can accomplish, recover from, and adapt to.

I have a very special guest today who truly shows off the power of the human, female body…

Meet The Imperfect Perfect Woman


A woman who can appreciate her body far more than I will ever be able to.

I came across Andrea’s blog, Imperfect Life and recent post called, 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body.

I was intrigued, and because you know I love talking about body image (did you catch Monday’s Post), I clicked the link and started reading.

I was instantly pulled in to Andrea’s story, strength, and confidence.

What an freakin’ amazing woman.

Some women are great. Some are amazing. But few get the title of freakin’ amazing.

You see Andrea isn’t your “average” woman… she never was.

Before high school started she weighed 150+ pounds… And her weight continued to creep up, until in her 30s enough was enough.

After dropping 160+ pounds, this lady is living the life. For her, it was never about losing weight to be in a smaller size, it was about having the ability to live life to it’s fullest.

Ziplining… Skiing… Obsticle Racing… Surfing…  Nothing is off limits any longer.


For most of her life she has been the “fat” girl. Until one day, she wasn’t.

  • What was it like being told you better have a great personality because you’ll always be big?
  • How did she do it?
  • How does the body handle that kind of weight loss?
  • What hang-ups will she and does she have?
  • How is her life different?

But enough about me talking about her… I want you to hear Andrea’s amazing story.

A Healthy Body Is Never An Ugly Body

Take the time to listen in to the podcast. Andrea has so much passion for life, it was that passion that lead her to change the life she was living and it’s evident in our chat.

So many great lessons!

And she wasn’t kidding when she said she could do an awesome cartwheel…


How To Connect With Andrea

Blog: I’mPerfect Life
Facebook: I’mperfect 4 Life
Instagram: ImperfectLife2
Twitter: ImperfectLife2

All images are from Andrea

Let’s Chat…

What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but are fearful to do it?


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