Metabolism Boosting Fat Burning Workout

Here’s a killer workout of the week. This workout will have your heart rate up from the time you get started till the time you finish up.. and that’s a good thing. It’s going to make sure your metabolism is boosted to burn the most calories possible and your body burns of the most amount of fat it can!

Of course always start with a light warm-up… light cardio and few bodyweight exercises, just enough to make your heart rate rise a bit and get your blood flowing. This only takes 5 minutes.

Fat Burning Workout For Women

You’re going to do these exercises as a quad-set… that’s 4 exercises back to back before resting. So you do a set of 1a, then a set of 1b and so forth. But the kicker is instead of resting we’re going to add an active rest! So for a 45 seconds in between your quad-sets you will jump rope or jog or whatever you prefer! But no sitting down.

Do each quad-set for 2-3 sets aiming for 10-12 reps.

  • 1a. Walking lunges
  • 1b. Push-ups
  • 1c. Leg press
  • 1d. Inverted Rows

-Jump Rope. Run, etc-

  • 2a. Seated military Press
  • 2b. Leg curls
  • 2c. Burpees
  • 2d. Med Ball chops

-Jump Rope, Run, etc-

Go strong till the end! When you’re done finish off with just a 5 minute cool-down. Walk on the treadmill, stretch and bring your heart rate back down. Stretching is great not only to help fight muscle soreness but studies show that it also helps to induce the muscle building/toning process!

This is just one great workout… and remember for the best results it’s important to keep your body guessing and to never get used to a workout. So to make sure you’re muscles stay confused you have to change it up… Here’s how you can get over 3 months of women’s workouts!

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