Muscles In May Challenge & Propel Giveaway

Is it sad that I just realized today is May? Where did the month go? 

During April I realized that I had let myself get far too disorganized. I lost track of my schedule, rushed through too many things, and I realized yesterday that I have to take back control.

Luckily, I got a new shiny computer to help! My computers were barely hanging on. I wish I were exaggerating… my work computer was our first Mac purchased back in 2006! And my home computer, well, we think we just got duped with a bad one. It never seemed to work correctly and now crashes almost every day. 

Why am I sharing all of this? Because it means I am going to be better organized here too! With just one computer and a new to-do app, I’ll be able to monitor what I need to do so much better.

Starting with the monthly challenges! 

Oh yes, they are still going on even if I don’t talk about them often (because I forget to). This shouldn’t be a problem any longer, as I take steps to better plan out my months! 

So with that… 

Did you complete April’s Ab Challenge

Muscles In May Challenge


Are you ready for your May challenge? Something completely new and fresh? I certainly am! 

For May, it’s about getting stronger. I challenge you to…

Beginner Goal:

Complete 3 strength workouts every week. 

For those of you that do this already, I want you to make it more challenging:

Advanced Goal:

Choose an exercise from below to complete at each training session to work on getting stronger.

Each time you do it, add on more weight but keep the reps the same. Let’s set the rep range at 8-10 for easy remembering.

At the end of the month when it’s time to check in let me know how you progressed. I.e. what was your starting and finishing weight!

Weight Lifting Improvement Exercises: 

> Squats

> Deadlift

> Lunges

> Turkish Get-Ups (of course with this you won’t be able to change the weight EVERY workout)

> Bench Press

> Pull-ups (instead of weight your goal is do complete 1+ more reps each workout)

Concentrate on form! Never add so much weight that your form suffers putting you at risk of injury!

Let me know below which challenge you’re going with. If you’re going with the Advanced Challenge, which exercise are you working on? 

Propel Giveaway


Image source

I have a fun giveaway today! The awesome people at Propel are giving one of you an awesome Propel Package.

I mentioned a while back that I love Propel. In fact, I use the liquid enhancers every day to help replenish my electrolytes and to make my water a bit less boring. The Strawberry Kiwi is my favorite! 

I am a very heavy sweater, and a very salty sweater. I lose a ton of electrolytes every time I workout, and with the heat it is only getting worst.

I love that Propel doesn’t have a ton of weird add-ins, is zero calories and the flavor isn’t so overbearing. With many flavored drinks, I end up mixing water in to tone the flavor/sweetness down. Not so much with Propel! Love it! 

Dan loves it to.

SO enough about our obsession, what about you? 

One winner will receive a Propel Package including: 

Flavor Enhancersflat-cap-grape

Flavored Water (The grape is delicious)

Propel Water Bottle

Seriously, you’re going to love it! 

How to enter? 

1. Leave a comment below telling me which challenge you’re going to take on for May.

2. Earn an additional entry by tweeting: 

“I want to win @Propel_Water from @Femininemuscle giveaway!”  <— And of course if you aren’t following me on Twitter that would be cool too! 

Make sure to leave a second comment if you tweeted (if you don’t have Twitter, Facebook is great too!). 

One lucky winner will be chosen on Monday, May 5th. 


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