I bet you’re thinking… “Wait a minute Taylor. Aren’t you not only a trainer, but don’t you own your own training business?”

“So why on earth would you have any relationship with CrossFit?

Good question. The answer is simple.

I love learning about other forms of training. I love to learn and see what I can take from one form and implement into my programs so they produce even better results.

I’ve tried CrossFit for a few weeks before. I really enjoyed it but at the same time, it was not for me. But that’s for obvious reasons. I want to eliminate the bias in this review and let you know what the good and bad are so you can make a great decision for you and nobody else.

After all, if you’re getting healthy and fit, I really don’t care how you’re doing it. Just be healthy. Be fit. Love your body and life and I’m happy.

The CrossFit Bad

I wanted to start with the bad so we can finish with the good. I’m upbeat like that.

CrossFit Is Like A Cult

Whatever they put in the KoolAid, it must be good stuff. There are many CrossFit’ers who would do just about anything to defend their ways. I think this is a negative because when you’re so extreme, you block out amazing potential and opportunity.

I’ve talked with trainers many times who are so hardheaded, they are impossible to learn from or help out. You just can’t have an intelligent conversation about training with them. On the flip side I’ve met a few CF trainers that are not over zealous and amazing to talk, read about, and swap training tactics with.

CrossFit Is Not For Beginners

It’s not like this in every CF location, but the obessive passion tends to push beginners so hard it does a few things terribly wrong:

  1. They get intimidated and even scared of exercise.
  2. They are taught horrific form increasing their injury chances.
  3. They are pushed to goals they are not passionate about themselves.

These are just a few, but it’s so important to nurture a beginner that is getting back into fitness and exercise. Becoming strong is such a thrill, but there is already an intimidation factor built in. It’s the trainers duty to eliminate that and nurture the growth, not put somebody at risk of injury or hating exercise.

CrossFit Is Notorious For Horrible Form

We have already mentioned this above, but they are notorious for injury and horrific form. I’ve seen some insane things happen that should NEVER happen in a real gym or by a REAL trainer.

It’s great to push your body, but what good is pushing your body only to end up in the hospital with an injury that can easily affect you for the rest of your life?

It’s just not worth it.

Form is so important to now only the best results but you’re personal enjoyment of exercising.

The CrossFit Good

CrossFit Is Like A Cult

This is both a negative and positive. The cult like passion for it is great because is makes their members love to workout. They love living a fitness lifestyle. Anything that does that, I am all for.

I always try to create that with my business and for the most part I do, but not quite on the scale of CrossFit. Hopefully one day it will be 😉

I also love how Reebok has hopped on their bandwagon. It’s great because they are trying to design clothing and shoes for that style of training. That is not only cool but a great thing too.

CrossFit Is Very Effective

CF workouts are circuit training mixed with high intensity interval training and some Olympic style lifting too. That is a great mix and it happens to be what I’ve been doing myself for the last five years… even before CF became hyper popular. It’s called metabolic training… I like to call it hyper-metabolic training.

It’s just a great way to train for strength endurance and fat loss. Some of their workouts are very short, but all in all, they are effective. Effective workouts done correctly are fun and great to do.

CrossFit Pushes You

This is one of those negatives and positives again. But their trainers do a great job of pushing you. I can say from experience, it’s always easier to push a client when the client is exercising and the trainer is not 😉

But being pushed is so important. If you weren’t pushed beyond your limits then you would not see the results you want. There are safe ways to do this but it’s vital that your limits be smashed.

Is CrossFit Right For You?

It might be. It might not be. Only you can make that decision.

There is more I would have to say about it, but I don’t want to write a review that never ends. Try it out for yourself. You may love it, you may hate it.

If you want to try me out… check out Torched In 20… a real program built exclusively for beginners. Burn the fat, but learn proper form and built strength so you can really get into fat torching mode.