When it comes to protein, the number of options on the market is dizzying. There is so much, how can you possibly make a decision (the paradox of choice). I’ve been taking and researching proteins for quite some time now. This article is just going to be a primer and introduce you to the protein that I am quickly loving the most.

Why Take A Protein Powder?

I believe you don’t need as much protein as people state. If you’re diet is as complete as possible, you should be getting more than enough protein through diet where additional is either worthless or even dangerous.

I love to take protein for a couple reasons through, none of which have much to do with lean muscle mass.

1. Increase My Daily Calories

There are times when I need to eat more and making a good shake with a protein power is a great way to increase calories easily. This relates very closely with…

2. A Quick Meal Replacement

Because it’s so easy to increase the calories, a shake with a protein powder and other “correct” ingredients is a great meal. I’ve made shakes as high as 450 calories which is a very complete meal… especially when you look at everything else I put into it.

I like to make a shake for a meal… for breakfast and lunch mainly. Depending on the shake, it can also be a great mid-afternoon snack (200 to 300 calories).

3. Faster Muscle Recovery

Proteins have been shown to speed up the recovery of your body after a vigorous workout. This is great because the faster you can recover, the better you’ll feel and you’ll be able to move better. Not to mention less inflammation.

However, depending on your diet, you DON’T need to take a protein. In fact, you DON’T need to take any supplement. I just want to make sure that is perfectly clear.

So What Protein Do I Prefer The Most?

Ranked 2nd – BioTrust Protein

BioTrust Logo

This is a newer protein on the scene. What I really love about this is protein is the fact it’s proven to be hormone free. That is big these days when hormones and pesticides are in a huge percentage of our foods.

This is a whey protein which means its dairy (milk) based. I used to take a whey protein for the longest time, but there is one side effect I hate…


Whey proteins always make me bloat. Bloating is actually a natural side effect of all dairy products. (Plus now that I’m vegan, I can’t take whey anymore, but my husband does every now and again.)

I don’t like this because a single bottle only has 14 servings in it. Currently BioTrust has a deal where you can get two bottles for the price of one. This gives you 28 servings which is getting close to month. The cost is $49.95.

Here is the nutrition label.

BioTrust Logo

Ranked 1st – SunWarrior Protein

Sun Warrior

This is actually a vegan protein, but even Dan (my husband) loves this protein the most and he is not vegan. There are very good reasons why this protein is our current number one option.

First, it’s not a whey or dairy based protein. This means no bloating!

Second, there is a much more “reasonable” amount of protein in this powder… 17g

Again you don’t need a crazy amount of protein in your diet. You should be getting plenty from the foods you eat. If you feel that you’re not, check out my Calorie Revolution and we’ll talk more about how to begin breaking your diet down.

Third, there are 47 servings per container at a cost of $44.95!

So you’re saving money and getting more servings as well. That’s always a good thing.

The proteins in this powder are all plant based. Plant based proteins, with a few exceptions are all incomplete proteins which means they lack the essentials amino acids (the building blocks of protein) your body needs.

However! If you put the right plants together, you can get all of your essential amino acids in one dose and you’re good to go.

That’s just what SunWarrior does.

Here’s the nutrition label for SunWarrior and you’ll notice the calories are considerably lower which is great. This means you’ll be able to “dress” up your shake with other ingredients and really enjoy a great nutrition meal.

SunWarrior Protein Label SunWarrior Amnio Acids

Let me know if you have any questions about these proteins. I’ll be expanding on this topic a lot, including videos and even a report on what supplements are good to use and which are a waste (most of them are).