My Husband Tried To Kill Me During Our Workout

This past weekend Dan casually looked over at me and suggested we change up our routines to be more circuit/boot camp style. I love these kind of workouts but if I want to do them I normally have to do them with my boot camp or on my own so when he showed interested I jumped on it!

My only rule was that since I design over 4-6 workouts each week, I did not feel like designing ours so that was up to him…

Bad call by me!

Our workout was AMAZING but just putting on a bra hurt like hell yesterday!

And any time I shows signs of weakness this is what I heard… “Oh come on Taylor… I wish your boot campers could see you now!” 

I am sure you can imagine the look I would shoot back and how determined I became to kick his ass!

I’ll post our workout below but I will say we’re pretty even on these workouts because while he is better with upper body moves like push-ups, I can do plyo jumps and leg exercises around him all day long (I love to rub that in). Each time he would break to shake his legs I would remind him of his own weaknesses!

This workout was done in an aerobic room at my gym, so you need plenty of space:

The Spouse Killer Workout

Oh… That’s Not All:

Because we hit our chest up so hard with all those push-ups, Dan then thought it was necessary to do a row circuit with the cables…

My response: “Bring it!”

Well he did, and I did… and now my back is done!

Overall, a great workout! Thanks to the hubs!!


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