My Laziness Results In a Bad – Carb Filled – Diet :(

I am pretty sure that I have probably overloaded on carbs over the past 24 hours. And it’ s not because it’s cold outside and I am craving hearty foods… it’s because my normally unlazy self is too lazy to get to the grocery store and fill the pantry.

Here’s what we’re living off of:

  1. Whole wheat bagels
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Whole wheat bread
  4. Grapenuts Cereal
  5. Frosted Mini Wheats

Wow, that’s not exactly the kind of pantry I want to start the year off with but until I can get to the store we have to deal with. And since I am in a lean out phase this is definitely not helping out! I am pretty carb sensitive so I stay on a somewhat low carb diet year round… about 80 g/day and during lean out times that number goes down to closer to 40-60 g/day!

Too bad I think I just consumed that much in my bowl of cereal this morning. So that only means one thing… finish work up today and hit the store. We need to give our bodies what they need… and I need protein! haha.

As promised I want to start helping myself make progress by giving up my own stats… I will post up a picture later this week but for now here is where I am starting:

  • Weight 112 lbs
  • Body Composition: 22% Fat
    Body Composition Down!

    Body Composition Down!

What I want… I wouldn’t mind not losing much weight, I realize that I am at a good weight for me and going down could actually be a bad thing, but it’s that % I want to lower… I would love to get it around 19%!

Fitness Plan To Hit Goals

So what’s my plan to get there??? GO GROCERY SHOPPING… that’s step one! The next is to add interval sprints to the end of my workouts. I haven’t been doing much cardio over the past 6 months so I am going to up that as well as up the intensity of my weight training.

I love that Dan and I train together because I just have to mention my goals and he makes sure that I don’t cheat myself. Having that kind of support is really helpful even if at times I give the “screw you” face when he tells me to go lower for my push-ups or whatever! It’s out of love, of course!

So even though my Sunday wasn’t what I wanted for nutrition it hasn’t messed up my desire or motivation. I just put it behind me and get moving on a better path.

What are your goals and how do you plan on reaching them?


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