This is a very similar question to the one where we talked about how you are not losing weight but working out hard. There are many factors that can come into play here, but let’s look at the ones that tend to show up over and over again.

There’s a 95% chance one of these suggestions will help you out immediately.

1. You’re Doing The Same Thing Over and Over

This is very common with women. Most women tend to do the same cardio workouts or yoga over and over and over again.

This works in the beginning, but will quickly lead to a plateau in your training. The reason is because your body is an adaptive machine. Essentially it memorizes the movements you’re making and gets so efficient at them that it doesn’t burn calories like it once did. Always remember that your body wants to be as energy efficient as it can be… it’s up to you to push it so it constantly improves.

So you really need to change your workouts pretty often. At the very minimum, change your workout considerably every 4 weeks. At the most, I think weekly is best. You want to do the same workout a few times in a row so you can benefit from tracking your progress.

2. You’re Not Being Consistent Enough

This sounds like it would be common sense and it is, but in the throughs of weight loss, most women find themselves confused.

You have to be consistent with the changes your making. I have lots of members and clients that start out great, then slowly start to pass up on workouts and miss reporting their workouts. It turns out that they just fit it in here and there with no real push to make it part of their life.

Because of the inconsistent nature of their workouts (this also goes with nutrition and eating), they see no results or very little.

You have to be consistent and then you can’t help but produce the results you want.

3. You’re Not Pushing Yourself

I’ve written about intensity before and it’s so important. I find this to really be an issue with women. Women tend to not come close to pushing themselves to their potential. Men on the other hand think they have more potential than they really do and end up injuring themselves.

But you can follow my personal workout and nutrition plan and if you do it with no intensity, you’ll never see results.

Here are some examples of what I mean by no intensity:

  • Too many rests. If you keep resting and your heart rate never gets going, you’ll see no results.
  • Too slow with your exercises. If you’re just going through the motions and not really pushing your body to the limit, your results will be extremely limited.
  • If you’re talking with a friend while working out, you’re not being nearly intense enough. You should be pushing yourself so hard that talking is not an option.

If You’re Weight Loss Has Stalled, Hit The Restart Button

The greatest thing about getting your fitness, body, and health back on track is today is a new day. So you can hit the restart button.

Take a look at the suggestions above and take a good look at what you are doing. Like I said, if you’re honest with yourself, there is a good 95% chance that following these suggestions will really help you get back on track.

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