New York, New York Here I Come!

Today is a big day! I am headed to the BIG Apple!


On my birthday, my mom surprised me with a girls’ weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday. I couldn’t be more excited.

New York City is a place I’ve always wanted to go yet just haven’t made it there yet.  I can’t wait to have culture shock as we walk the busy streets, hunt down a cab, and experience Broadway.

What makes it even more exciting is that my mom is coming. You see, my mom has a huge fear of flying. She has only flown once in her life and that was over 20 years ago, so for her to step on a plane for me is a big deal. I’m very proud of her!

Along with my mom, my SIL will also be with us! I love my SIL to pieces, so I’m excited to have her as a partner in crime for running central park, drinking too many glasses of wine, and getting all fancied up to look as we are calling it, “New York Chic”.

A few plans on our New York Itinerary include: 

Rock Of Ages on Broadway! <– Can not wait! 

Running 4 miles in Central Park

Checking out Freedom Center


That’s really it so far. Once I finish this post, I am going to check out Ashley’s blog for some food recommendations. We really want to go to a more local spot than the touristy places to eat. So if you have any suggestions, I would love them!

Then I’m going to hit up Theodora’s blog to solidify a running route that is near our hotel. Apparently our hotel gym is amazing but I don’t want to spend any of the time we have stuck in a gym!

I will be sharing a lot of our trip on Instagram (@FitnessTaylor), so make sure if you don’t already to follow me! And of course I’ll do a recap next week of our experience!

Before I sign off, let’s go through this past week’s workouts!

Workouts Of The Week


Saturday: 7 mile run and kettlebell workout

Sunday: Easter Yoga at Yoga House Of Charleston

Monday: 3 mile run, quick kettlebell workout and handstand work

Tuesday: Track workout with Katie and boot camp workout

Wednesday: Filmed warm-ups and workout overviews for FWW (not strenuous, more of an active rest)


Thursday: 4.4 miles with Erica and kettlebell workout with Jeanette


Let’s chat…

Whats something fun you’re doing this weekend?

Share your favorite workout from this past week! 


  • SO great to run with you!!!! Have an absolute blast- can’t wait to see the pictures

    • It was great, we will have to do it more often. It was so nice to have an excuse to get to that side of town for a morning run!

  • Have a great time in NYC! It’s really an exciting city 😀

    This weekend, I am having a yard/bake sale to raise money for my cross-country charity bike ride this summer (4K for Cancer). I’m also racing a 10K on Sunday and hoping to PR!

    • I hope the race went well!!

  • Sheena

    Sounds like you’ve got an action packed plan for NYC and this sounds a bit like an inaugural national vaca!! Good luck to your mom, hopefully she can enjoy the flight or at least not hate it enough to want to do it again before another 20 years pass 🙂 Hope you all have a lot of fun and that there’s lots of sunshine for you!!

    I’m making beer tonight (our first attempt) then tomorrow my boyfriend and I are doing your Dirty 30 workout and depending on how we feel a little run by the water possibly!

    • It was amazing! She did great, can’t wait to share all the pictures!

      How did the beer turn out?

      • Sheena

        That’s awesome for your mom 🙂 Glad to hear you got home safely and had lots of fun!!

        We’ll see how the beer turned out in two weeks, hopefully it’s good because we’ve invited the families over for a tasting 😮

        • I am sure it will be great!

  • Ah, so fun! NY is a different beast… I loved visiting, but I felt like people were kind of rude there. It was just from interactions in shops, restaurants etc. I’m sure it’s just the brusque-ness that I wasn’t used to so just be prepared!

    Don’t forget the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial. It’s a must see. Hope you have a great time 🙂

    • I thought that was going to be the case but was pleasantly surprised at how nice people were at the places we ate and shopped at. I was so upset about the memorial… didn’t quite workout the way I expected (more on the blog tomorrow!)

  • Eveliz Garcia

    I hope you’re having an amazing time. I’m from the east coast but have never stopped and visited the Big Apple. I’d love to some day….

    I went to visit my BFF in Cincinnati this weekend. It was long overdue. We indulged in a little too much sweets and alcohol 😉 & We ran a 5K 🙂 I completed Muscle UP workout on FWW.

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