Nutrition Is Ultra Important… Just Ask Tyra

In the News/Magazines this week is all about Tyra Banks… I normally try and stay out of the celebrity gossip arena but I love Tyra so I decided to break away from my normal ways today… so I appologize ahead of time!

People magazine is reporting that Tyra has lost 30 lbs since her “Kiss my fat ass” comment in 2007… Oh that was priceless! And how did she do it?

I am sure she had some Hollywood trainer helping her out in the gym but she is contributing to her change in food habits to be the biggest helper.

I have said it all along…

To get the best results exercise alone isn’t going to do it!

It takes a combo of proper workouts with proper nutrition.Even if you worked your tush off for an hour and your heart rate monitor has given you a rough estimation that you burned 500 calories, it doesn’t do much if you go home and eat pizza and coke afterwards.

So I thank Tyra for being honest. She also went to say that when she gained the weight she was eating pretty much everything she wanted… I have heard her in the past say fried chicken is one of her favs. But then she was also suffering bad stomach problems during this time too… and now?

Since she’s changed it up… not to a diet but to a healthier overall nutrition program she’s no longer having those stomach bug issues!

Tyra’s first step to lose weight…

Keeping a diary so she could really get an understanding of what was going into her body and making it obvious that it’s time for a change! This is really helpful because when you see the yuk you put in you’re a little more conscious about it the next time!

To read this article click: Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs


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