Off The Shoulder Body Weight Shoulder Workout

Now that the whole tweaked back is behind me, we can move forward.

Remember last week when I said I had a great shoulder workout to share? Well, I finally get to share it.

I personally love working my shoulders… to me toned shoulders just scream fit! Plus, they make the rest of the arm look good too!

The following workout is all body weight, so you can do it any where.

Seriously, sitting by the pool bored? Do this workout! On your lunch break? Do it by your desk.

No room for excuses with this one.

Off The Shoulder – Shoulder Workout

I mentioned in the video this workout is based off a much larger workout program I’m putting together for Fit Women’s Weekly.

This 6-week program is going to be Frankenstein…

Each workout focuses on a different body part yet still ensuring to be total body. It’s going to be a good one for sure!

But enough about Frankenstein, let’s talk about this mini workout, shall we?


The Moves

I will always do my best to make sure you don’t have to wing a workout. Especially if there are moves in it that I’ve never done before here.

It’s important to understand all the exercises before jumping in to now only make sure you don’t injure yourself, but to make sure you’re getting the most out of each move.

Mt Climbers
  • Make sure to keep your hips down and core tight as you push through your toes to drive your knees forward.
  • Don’t let your butt be pulled up to the sky.
Ankle Tap Push-Ups
  • For this you’re going to start with a classic push-up, except that the feet are apart. As you come up from the push-up, push through the shoulders to push your hips up and back. As you do this, reach your hand to the opposite ankle.
  • Repeat on the other side.
Shoulder Taps
  • Make sure to keep your hips down and core tight so that the body doesn’t rotate with each shoulder tap.
  • Make sure the ankles are together and butt squeezed tight.
Squats (arms up)
  • Do not drop your arms as you come up from the ground, keep them engaged. You’ll be surprised how much of a burn you’ll feel.
  • Keep your head up, shoulders back and spine straight throughout the reps.
  • Self explanatory… keep your hands on the ground flat while you jump from side to side.
Split Squats
  • You’ll need a bench, chair, box, etc for this move. Perhaps a broom or stick for stability as well.
  • Jump your front foot out enough so that throughout the movement, the shin is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Aim to get the back leg down close to the ground and front thigh parallel.
Plank Rockers
  • Begin in a plank position (on elbows). Rock the body forwards and backwards while keeping the core strong and engaged.
Donkey Jump Burpees
  • Start with a jump to the sky and squat down to place hands on the ground.
  • Jump the feet up into a high donkey jump before landing on your feed and jumping up as high as possible

Okay, now that you know the workout and you feel comfortable with the exercises, there is nothing holding you back.

Go for it!

And don’t forget to snap a picture letting me know you did it and what you thought!

I want to start doing weekly shout outs and would love to include you!

So make sure to tag me! 🙂 @fitnesstaylor

Answer me this…

If you could only exercise one body part for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For me, it would be my legs!


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