On Dasher On Dancer On Comet On Taylor… Reindeer Race PR Recap

This morning was the much anticipated Reindeer Run in Charleston. This is possibly my  favorite 5K race of the year. The crowd size is just right (3200 racers), the holiday cheer is everywhere and the temperature is always perfect (cold at first, but fast to feel awesome).

This year was even a bit better because I was able to get this guy out of the bed and run with me!

He’s not exactly a morning person… he’s a get me my coffee type of person. I was very proud of him!

We rolled out of bed, made breakfast and got ready. Last year I was Cindy Lou Who, this year I went with the Gingerbread (wo)Man.

My shirt and tights look black, but they were brown. And I had to add the extra jingle to my hair. 

I won’t lie I was a bit nervous that people would take me for the South Park Christmas Poo, which is why I added the saying to the back of my shirt. I guess it helped, no one accused me of being anything but a gingerbread, haha.

I had several boot campers partake in the festivities and many of us were able to meet up before the run, some I never saw and some we just had time for a quick “HEY” before heading to the start line.

Dan hung out with the ladies as I went ahead to the front of the start with a few others so that we could get “oh so serious” about the run. I was hoping for a sub 24 minute race which would be a PR and I really had every intention of doing everything I could to make it happen (have I ever mentioned I am really competitive? lol).

About a minute before the start, I turned on my music, sync’d up my GPS and mentally got in the zone (which really just means hopping in spot a few times).

The gun sounded, and I took off to make a beeline to the front of the pack.

I felt really good, I concentrated on getting my breathing controlled and slow and then just ran my little gingerbread man heart out.

At mile 1 I looked down and realized I was under 7 minutes! What? I have NEVER run a race with a 6-something mile. I immediately was afraid I started off too fast. But never the less, I kept trucking along.

Mile 2 came and I checked again.. I had slowed a bit but still in the low 7’s. I’ll take it! I knew with only a mile left I could get my PR so I just gave it what I had. All along there had been a girl that stayed right in front of my and I just worked to keep up. She was my unofficial pacer.

I slowed a bit during that last mile but when I saw the finish line, I dug deep and gave what I had… which wasn’t a lot. I definitely think that 1st mile took a little too much out of me.

But when I crossed and saw 23.10 on the race clock I knew I had done it, I got my PR. I estimated there was about a 5 second lay in time from when the start clock began I crossed over, so at this time my unofficial PR is 23.03.

I am really stoked! The energy of the crowd, having so many friends around and going in with a goal really made all the difference. So many of my friends hit their goals too, making it an awesome morning.

Setting New Goals

Because I can never settle, my next PR goal is to break 22.30! The ultimate goal which I might settle for? A sub 20 minute race… perhaps at the 2013 Reindeer Run?

Afterwards, we grabbed a coffee and of course headed to the farmer’s market. Gotta love Saturdays!

Now I am high off excitement but trying to tame it since I have to get in the kitchen to do some baking… recipes to come.

Happy Saturday!

Do you like road races?

What’s your favorite?


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