You’ve read about it, I’ve blogged about it and for the most part I still think it’s a good idea… maybe.

Cheat days!

Cheat days where you can go guiltless eating the foods the dark side of you craves. Chocolate brownies, big steaks, cakes, or maybe just a bowl of gooey ice cream.

However, what if I told you that just one… only one… cheat meal of junk food immediately caused the circulation in your body to become restricted. And when I say immediately, I mean like right after you finished eating… it’s probably happening as your eating.

That’s what a new study has just found…

Just One Junk Food Meal Damages Your Arteries… Immediately

Researchers at the University of Montreal wanted to look at junk food – high in saturated fats – and the Mediterranean diet… foods high in mono and poly unsaturated fats. They looked at the effect these foods would have on the endothelium, which is the inner lining of your blood vessels.

If you ever watch Forks Over Knives, it has a great section talking about similar studies and the affects of your endothelium over the long haul.

Back on business…

They had 28 non-smoking men each a Mediterranean meal first and then a junk food meal high in saturated fat a week later. These men fasted and went through all the testing to measure their current arterial health. To get a baseline of measure.

The Mediterranean meal consisted of:

  • Salmon
  • Almonds
  • Veggies
  • All cooked in olive oil

The Junk food meal consisted of:

  • Sausage and egg sandwich
  • Cheese
  • Three hash browns

What Did The Researchers Find?

The arteries after the junk food meal were dilated 24% less than they they were in their faster state. The Mediterranean meal that the arteries dilated normally and good blood flow was flowing.

Dilated means getting bigger for an increase in blood flow. So if they don’t dilate, high blood pressure occurs, the lack of nutrients circling the body, and according to other studies this even damages the endothelium which helps to regulate that dilation.

All Of This After Just One Meal!

Imagine what’s happening if you or somebody you know is eating like this daily?

It’s not a good story. I am going to research more because in the study they cite Omega 3 fatty acids as a major benefit in the Mediterranean diet, but I just found a study that showed Omega 3’s in supplement form did not react in the body like natural Omega 3’s… something that’s pretty interesting.

More to come soon!

In the mean time, think about your cheat meals in a new way. I know I will.

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