One Small Stair At A Time

I know I mentioned last week that I had injured my knee… at the time it seemed to be healing well and on it’s way to a quick recovery! Fast forward to yesterday (Easter)…

I LOVE my ALDO wedges though! Despite their heel height, they are very comfie and go with everything!

As I was walking Zoe in my 4 inch wedges (okay, perhaps not the best idea), I found a hidden whole in the yard and twisted my ankle… My ankle was fine, but the impact caused an immediate reaction to my knee. Some pops, some “oh craps” and some limping later I made it up to our condo.

Later that night it was clear something just wasn’t right.

To make a long story short, this morning I awoke to a swollen, weak and painful knee, by far the worst it’s been this entire time. I tried to see my orthopedic but they “couldn’t” get me in for 2 weeks! Really docs, thanks for the help.

So Dan and I made the trip to the local emergency care place only to get told that it’s one of 3 things (probably) and that all I could do is rest it, ice it, and take advil.

  1. Meniscus tear
  2. Sprain
  3. LCL injury

I won’t lie, I am pretty bummed out! I was just getting psyched to start training for a 1/2 and the idea of actually not working out my lower body or doing cardio pretty much feels like crap. It’s what I love, it’s what I do.

But I am following the doctor’s orders as well as my husband’s who knows me all too well and knows if given the chance I will likely do more than I should…

Wish me luck! I’ll post about my amazing UPPER body workout tomorrow!

Today’s Meals!

I am mad I didn’t snap a shot of lunch, but it was right after the doctors appointment and I was in no mood for being creative in the kitchen.


Overnight heated oats in jar (when there is just enough peanut butter left to make breakfast perfect)!


Zucchini and eggplant fries; Lentil and whole wheat pasta with leeks, spinach, garlic and thyme (very fresh and light!)

  • What’s the worst injury you’ve had?
  • How long did it keep you from doing what you love doing?


  • Amy

    Wow, I remember the first time I ever sprained my ankle…I was jumping on one of those mini-trampolines as a kid and just landed funny. I will never forget the sound of stuff popping. It almost made me sick. Then there was the SECOND time I sprained my ankle really bad (you know how it is: once you sprain it, it’s always the first thing to go). My Cross-Country team was practicing before a race, so it was an “easy” practice and we were running trails in the woods. I was running down a hill and landed funny on a rock…snap, pop, oh crap…and my coach had to come in and carry me out! That sprain came with lots of road rash. The last injury was also in high school, and also during a cross-country practice (ok, it was before practice even began). A friend of mine and I took a 10-speed for a joy ride (yes both of us on one bike). We took a hill and discovered there were no brakes and wiped out at the bottom in someone’s gravel driveway. My knee went into the curb. I actually ran that day – blood and all, but once that scab formed, it was several weeks before I could straighten that leg again. I think I am actually paying for that injury at age 36 with unevenly week glutes and back pain…I’m working on it though! (BTW, love your blog!)

  • Oh gosh Amy! cross country was rough! It could def. lead to imbalances now a days. Isn’t it funny how the things we did as kids come back to bite us in the butt later on some times? Make sure to stick with weight training to help your glutes and core, a strong core can help with back pain! Thanks for keeping up with the blog!

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