It really doesn’t matter if it’s the New Year or sometime in the middle of the year. It you’re getting back into exercising and eating better for weight loss and being healthy, there is a key secret you have to do.

It’s the Rule of One:

The rule of one states that you should concentrate on one major change in your exercise life and one major change in your nutritional life. Focusing on one major change will be infinitely easier than trying to change everything all at once. Plus if you pick your biggest and hardest change, you’ll probably witness that keystone habit effect.

I’ll tell you what the keystone habit effect is in just a minute. But first, let’s look at…

The Biggest Exercise Change You Can Make

There is no doubt that the one exercise change you need to make is going to be the same for all women. It’s consistently exercising.

Consistency is the best habit you can have because even with a poorly designed program, you can see results if you just workout consistently. Then if you plug into a system like Torched In 20… well that would be very power.

Here’s the secret for making consistent workout an ingrained habit.

Make Sure Above All – You Show Up

Make sure you set your workout schedule for the week. Then do not miss a scheduled workout no matter what. But here’s the kicker…

You don’t have to actually workout once you have your fitness clothing on and you’re ready to go. If you don’t feel like it, then just try for a minute and leave. The key is showing up for the workout prepared to exercise. In the beginning, you don’t have to worry about always following through once you show up to exercise.

What you’re doing is building the habit of exercising consistently. More than not, you’ll go through with your workout, but the most important thing is that you’re getting dressed and showing up to do it. Things change quickly once you have this engrained in your weekly schedule.

The Biggest Nutrition Change You Can Make

This is going to be different for every women. However, the biggest change I want you to look at is identifying your fulcrum food. The high leverage food or drink or ingredient that is helping your body hoard fat.

For most women, it’s probably sugar. If you can cut out the sugar, you’ll find that you lose a lot of weight very easily. This is because many of the high sugar foods are all the processed foods and ones that also are laden with chemicals.

How To Identify Your One Food?

Just track your nutrition for a day or two. Do this on a normal day, not when there are Holiday’s or parties. You want to get a good look at how you eat most of the time.

Your ingredient, drink, or food should jump right out of you. It’s going to be pretty obvious. Giving it up will be hard. But don’t give it all up… just most of it.

The Keystone Habit Effect Starts Happening

If you can do just these two things long enough, you’ll start to see other changes automatically happening in your life. For example, if you give up your major fulcrum food, you’ll start to crave healthier food. You’ll want to exercise more. Plus so much more.

This happens every time. You just have to get that domino train moving. Your life will transform into a very healthy one pretty quickly. It all starts with just two things… one in your physical activity world and one in your nutrition world.