One Thing You Need To Do To Improve Fitness Performance + Big News!

I have been so excited about today for a LONG time now.

For months, I’ve wanted to add back the Lifting Revolution Podcast. I really enjoyed doing it and loved the connections it allowed me to make with other fitness lovers.

But the classic excuse of time became too easy to turn to and before you knew it the podcast was once again pushed to the sidelines.

Yes, again.

But I am determined to make it work.

I am determined to sit down, even if it’s just for 30 minutes with people that are important to me, to you, and to our goals.

I want to connect with you on a deeper level that I feel words on a page doesn’t allow me to get to. Because you are my friends, my clients and my fit family.

I want to make this community better and stronger and I feel like that can happen with a microphone instead of a keyboard…. Sometimes.

Does this all make sense?

I sure hope so. If i sound ridiculous, I’m sorry… just speaking from my heart this morning!

So all of that to say, each Wednesday, I’ll be releasing a new podcast!

With friends, bloggers, trainers, training partners and even family!

Remember awhile back when I said Alex and I would be partnering up?

Well, this is it!

Alex won’t be on EVERY episode but she will be at least on every other one.


We’ll talk about our own training, goals and hit up topics that you guys want to know about… So, if you have anything in mind, don’t hold back!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Because she isn’t on the first episode.


On this first episode, I’m bringing back my original podcast partner…

Dan. As in my husband.


For those of you that haven’t been following Lifting Revolution long, let me quickly summarize…

Dan and I have been together for over a decade, married for almost 6 (9.18.16) and business partners for 7. We own 2 studios in Charleston together, This Time Fitness.

And together, we run Lifting Revolution and Fit Womens Weekly. We’re both trainers and though I’m the face of most everything we do, he’s equally (if not more) important.

Why give that little heads up?

Because I want everyone to know that Dan isn’t just some guy on the podcast. He’s an expert at this fitness thing and like me, LOVES sharing his passions.

So with that being said…

Here’s the first “new” Lifting Revolution Podcast!

Ep. 96 What You Can Do Daily To Become More Physically Fit Without Burning Out

(I’m picking up where we left off for labeling episodes to keep things simple for finding future shows).

In the episode…

We discuss our personal goals and how we’ve been working towards them.

Exercises to help master handstands, get-ups and pistol squats

What we can do EVERY SINGLE DAY to make progress. And what you should do too!

The secret to getting stronger and fitter.

And a look into our marriage and why we work well together.

I hope you guys enjoy!

I do have one favor to ask of you though…

Because I’m relaunching the podcast, if you could head over to iTunes and leave a review and rating that would be incredible.

This is how podcasts grows and I would LOVE to help this one become more available to more women like us.

Thanks y’all! Have a fantastic day and let me know what you think!

Do you listen to podcasts?

Questions You Would Like To See Addressed In Future Episodes?


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