Okay, I want to preface this by saying of course I am going to be bias towards Fit Women’s Weekly. However, I will go over the things you should really look for in an online training program.

This is actually pretty vitally important because you want to first off, stay with the program. Second, you want get the most out of it and know that you’ll be able to complete it. I’m getting ahead of myself… let’s look at the top factors that make a good online weight loss program.

1. Smaller Membership

There are some huge online weight loss and diet programs like Weight Watchers and then some with more of a fitness slant like the Daily Burn.

However, there are multiple millions of members in these programs. On one hand that is a great thing. It means they keep enough people happy with the service and it means they can charge a lower price. It’s essentially the Walmart method of business.

But on the flip side, I would recommend you look for a small membership. Smaller in the frame of thousands of members rather than millions.


Simple because you’ll get more value which will increase your chances of succeeding with a plan. It can really make a difference.

In the super large sites, your questions get lost in the muck of millions of questions. Plus you have people that are not professionals answering you. Small sites have one or two trainers that can personally deal with your specific questions.

2. A Good Trainer or Consultant

Wether you go the fitness and nutrition route like Fit Women’s Weekly or just a nutrition route, you need to have a good trainer or consultant leading it.

This is probably the most important factor because the bigger sites are like big gyms, they hire trainer that get paid very little. They are not really experts in their field.

Finding a site that is built by and expert will mean everything for you. What makes an expert?

  • A big presence through a blog is a great thing. This just let’s you know they have an audience and they don’t hide anything.
  • They train offline as well. This is big because being a real trainer means you have produced offline results. Online you can just hide from people or prescribe workouts designed by others. But if you’re a real trainer that does this offline, you are an expert.
  • They are recognized. It does help if the trainer is recognized by other websites, blogs, organizations. This just means they work hard, their care about making sure they are seen as the expert.

So do your research and read the about pages closely as well.

3. It’s An Actual Program

Take it from me because I’ve already failed once with one training program.

A good online weight loss program should be a program and not just a free for all with choice. Too much choice just leads to inaction and confusion.

A great example here is Fit Women’s Weekly. It’s a program that delivers a weekly workout and meal plan so you don’t have a choice. Do the workout and eat the right foods and you see results.

It couldn’t be easier. Plus it doesn’t lock you into a long term contract or commitment. It’s 6 months which is the best limit of time to see huge results and build long term habits.

4. It’s Fun!

This really come back to the trainer running it. A great online fitness program will have the trainer interacting regularly.

They will be doing special interviews, phone calls with everybody, webinars, something to get everything involved.

Plus they will have more choice than just a workout or two.

Consider These And The Choice Is Easy

It’s proven that an online weight loss program and fitness program can help increase your chances of success. Plus it typically will put you in an environment with women that can support and push you.

Consider these different attributes of a good site. It does make a really huge difference.

If you want more like this, make sure you sign up for the quick start guide. This will really help you learn how to start any program you take correctly. It alone will increase your chances of success.