Our New Baby Nike

Happy Belated 4th of July! I know it’s been a bit longer than normal for a post, but Dan and I have had our hands full the past few days! We added a family member to our home.

Dan is a cat person and we’ve been thinking of adding a new kitty for quite a while but with a 7-year old spoiled rotten silky terrior, we were a bit nervous to bring in another animal. Zoe gets jealous even when Dan just sits by me!

But with her getting older, we thought now was the best time, since they say younger animals help older ones live longer, happier lives. So we took a trip to our local SPCA which was double capacity for cats and kittens and found our new baby.

We instantly feel in love and believe it or not Zoe has done amazing at being a big sister! I am sure it helped she got a new “I’m The Big Sister” Bone out of it all!

So meet our new baby… Nike. She’s a handful and absolutely adorable!

Nike was the Goddess of Victory and Success, a motivating Goddess for us! So that is how we decided her name.


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