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logos   lisa-cronin“Kindal is smart, funny and thoughtful, Lifting Revolution is like the New Yorker of healthy living blogs.  If you don’t want formulaic fitness, give Kindal a read.  She’s topical without being trendy and motivational without moralizing.  Awesome blog! Over the year that I’ve read Lifting Revolution, Kindal and I have become real life acquaintances. I appreciate how open and real she is.” — Julia R | Real Blog Reader

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Ep 109: Turning Middle Aged

Tomorrow I wake up being slapped with 33. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s already stinging a little. I can feel the slap mark starting to take shape on my cheek… damn aging. It can be a real bia sometimes. While, I’ve always appreciated birthdays (I mean it sure beats the alternative), this year is […]

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