I’ve Got A Podcast For That

August 17, 2015
15K table rock race

Happy Monday! Is school kicking back in today where you are? Even though we don’t have kids, it affects EVERYONE! Bring on the school traffic. I’ll miss the quiet mornings and lack of school busses but wish everyone a fantastic first week back! And I loved waking up to see all of my friends’ kids […]

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What I’m Loving At This Moment

August 14, 2015
What I'm Loving

It’s Friday!! Which means there is a really good chance Dan and I are on the road (again) up to the mountains (again). This time for the Xterra Table Rock 15K Race in upstate South Carolina. We love Table Rock (it’s where we spent Christmas) and are excited to race it. Plus, going back to […]

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Get On Up! Kettlebell Shoulder Workout

August 13, 2015
get on up kettlebell workout

When I first began weightlifting, oh so many years ago, I hated training my arms. I lived for butt and leg exercises. → Perhaps it was the fact that I dislocated my shoulder trying to press far too much weight, far too early in the morning. → Perhaps it was because my upper body was […]

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Low Carb High Protein Cinnamon Swirl Muffins {Gluten-Free}

August 12, 2015
high protein low carb cinnamon swirl muffins gluten free

When you’re trying to lean out AND maintain your muscle mass, diet can get a bit boring. Really boring. There is only so many eggs, pieces of chicken and stalks of brocolli a person can eat before they want to throw in the towel and eat all the bread and pasta in site. Source Or maybe […]

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Backpacking The Southeast: Mt Mitchell State Park Backcountry Camping Trip

August 11, 2015
Mount Mitchell State Park Camping Review

They aren’t the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada, but the Appalachians are extremely beautiful, breathtaking even. These mountains, with the highest peak topping out at just 6,683-feet, are worth a visit. I’ve talked of our love of Mt Mitchell several times and over the past 6 months, this mountain has become a second home to […]

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What I Eat During My Quest For A 6-Pack

August 10, 2015
What to eat for a flat stomach

OMG, you guys! We had the best weekend hiking and camping. I can not wait to share our adventures tomorrow. Prepare for a crazy photo filled recap because Dan did an amazing job capturing our latest trip to Mt Mitchell. Just typing about it makes me smile ear to ear. Damn, this world is a […]

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25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

August 7, 2015
25 things about me you didnt know

Happy Friday Friends! Dan and I left early this morning to head up to our favorite spot, Mount Mitchell. After our last camping fail, we are determined to make this one a success. In honor of Friday, I want to keep things light around here and have some fun. Friday Fun! You know in US […]

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Give A Squat Bodyweight Leg Workout

August 6, 2015
Give A Squat Workout

1 week and 2 days… That’s all that stands between me and my next trail race. Though I can’t wait to see this view again… I wish I had just a little bit longer to prepare. After the 50K and then Spartan, I’ve been in a bit of a running funk. Know what I mean? […]

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Sweet Southern Staple: Healthy Charleston Pecan Pie Praline Recipe

August 5, 2015
healthy gluten free pecan pralines

Y’all… if you have never had a pecan praline, you are missing out! They are flippin’ the best thing ever and I’m pretty sure that just thinking about them as made my slight southern drawl go full blown southern redneck. It’s totally worth it. While I can walk away from most southern foods… the fried […]

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Lets Have Dinner In Our Underwear Thanks To Body Induced Anxiety

August 4, 2015
Body anxiety

This might be TMI, and Dan might tell me to hush my mouth but we’re all friends… This past weekend, I came out of the bedroom prancing around in a new silky blue pair of panties and matching bra. I looked sexy, I felt sexy and my husband told me I looked great. He approved […]

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Is It Okay To Run & Lift On The Same Day And Still Get Results?

August 3, 2015
Running and weight lifting on the same day

Have you ever wondered if by running and doing a strength workout on the same day, you may be compromising your strength gains or your endurance? If you haven’t before, I bet that just made an “huh… “ moment occur, right? As a runner, I have often wondered if strength training on the same day […]

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