Ultra Training Log: Week 5 + How I Clean My Sweaty Face

April 10, 2015
dermasport review and quest for crest

Hello, hello! I am coming at you from our cabin at the trailhead of Mt Mitchell in North Carolina. Mount Mitchell is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi and Dan and I are here to conquer the beast for my birthday. Well, that and the fact that our trail race in May actually includes […]

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The Hee-Haw Body Weight Workout

April 9, 2015
hee haw workout

Good morning friends! I am extremely excited for today because I actually have a video for you! It’s been quite a while, I know and it felt great to be behind the camera after a hiatus. Though I won’t lie, we have so much going on that the break has been nice, one less pressure […]

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DON’T Eat This Instead: When Recipes Go All Wrong

April 8, 2015
glutenfree almond honey cake

I guess I was due for a mess up sooner or later. For the past few weeks my creations of turned out exactly as I had planned. And then this happened… Yes, that’s my interpretation of this Giant Peeps Cake… Clearly, I nailed it. This baby ended up in the trash the next morning. At […]

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Battle Of The Sexes: Women Are Better At Pacing Then Men

April 7, 2015
what makes women better at running? here's the 411

Thank you for all of the birthday love yesterday! Y’all know how to make a girl feel loved! I am extremely excited for what 31 holds, the goals we have, and the unexpected surprises along the way! While yesterday was pretty much full of work, we celebrated Easter and my birthday with an early morning […]

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A Love Letter To The 31 Year Old Me

April 6, 2015
31st birthday

Dear 31 Year Old Taylor, Today is your birthday! Congrats on making it another year. You know, I’ve never understood why people dread their birthdays. Yes, it’s another year older, but what’s the alternative? I’ll take wrinkles and tired joints any day over not being able to see another year go by. Today you turn […]

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Ultra Training Log: Week 4

April 3, 2015
quest for crest training log

Happy Good Friday! Easter is one of my favorite holidays. You better believe I’ll be dying eggs and even attempting to make this Peep-Filled Cake! Though my version might be attempt to create a, “Eat This Instead” version without the grains, loads of sugar and butter. But we’ll see. I do promise there will be […]

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How To Know If You Have Tight Ankles & 5 Exercises To Increase Ankle Range Of Motion

April 2, 2015
ankle mobility

Trainer Confession: I have extremely tight ankles. So tight that within the first few steps of running, my ankles always let’s out an angry pop. It’s almost as if I roll it, but after a step or two, the pain quickly disappears and I’m fine to continue on. It happens without fail. But that’s not […]

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What It Means To Live Your Fitness & 7 Ways To Do It!

April 1, 2015
live your fitness

Over the past few years my views on what exercise means and the roll it plays in my life has drastically changed. When I first started this fitness journey, it was a means to a better body. It was what I needed to do to achieve a firmer, more slender, and more fit figure. That […]

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Eat This Instead: The Ultimate Veggie Log

March 31, 2015
veggie log

Have you ever done something so cool that you surprised yourself? Yea, that happened this weekend. With this recipe. At our sushi date the other night Dan and I were brainstorming new recipe ideas. Perhaps it was the plate of sushi rolls in front of us, but he suddenly said: “Do you remember that nasty […]

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My Husband Stole My Hobby: Running Used To Be Mine & Now It’s Ours

March 30, 2015
running with spouse

Dan and I haven’t discussed this, but its something that has been very much on my mind… One of the may reasons that I loved running was because it was mine and mine alone. I am a big believer that no matter how close you are with your spouse, you each deserve to have a […]

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Trail Ultra Training Week 3 & Fun TidBits

March 27, 2015
quest for crest training

We’ve made it friends. Friday, how I love you! I’m pretty stoked about today, Dan and I are going on a putt putt date. But not traditional put put. One of the local golf courses is holding a fundraiser event and putting on a night time putt-putt thing. Since the only golf club I own […]

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