5 Training Tips To Race Faster Without Training Faster

June 16, 2015
5 Ways To Run Faster

When people ask me what my favorite road race distance is, I immediately say 5Ks and halves. What’s yours? I love halves because while hard, you’re able to find a pace, a rhythm and stick with it (hopefully). It’s just long enough to consider it “pace” training but not too long where your entire body wants […]

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Naked Truth: I Don’t Want To Shop Because I Know I’m A Different Size

June 15, 2015
weight gain means no shopping

I’m not your typical girl. I hate shopping. No, really, I hate it. When I was in New York with my mom and SIL, we shopped the WHOLE time… they loved it! I basically followed them around, whining in the inside. I shop when I need stuff. The end. If I don’t need it, I […]

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Friendly Friday: Weekly Reads For The Fitness Lover In Us All

June 12, 2015
friendly friday

I hope everyone had a terrific week and has an even better weekend planned! My week, while not terrible, was filled with lots of anxiety. Just last week we expanded our studio in Charleston to be twice the square footage! While exciting, it’s extremely nerve-wracking. Especially for this type-A person. I know everything will work […]

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Go The Distance 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

June 11, 2015
go the distance kettlebell workout

Oh man, do I have a great workout for you today! I feel as if it’s been a year and a half since I’ve shared a kettlebell workout but I’m making up for it today! Not into kettlebells? Or don’t have access to them? No biggie, this particular workout can be modified to use whatever […]

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Basil Chicken & Strawberry Blue Cheese Waffles Hors d’oeuvres {Gluten-Free}

June 10, 2015
Gluten Free Basil Chicken And Strawberry Blue Cheese Waffles

Next week I am heading out of town once again! I am hosting my very first women’s fitness retreat in Lake Keowee, SC. I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with amazing women for a weekend of hiking, paddleboarding/kayaking, food talk, girl time and of course relaxation. I’m extremely lucky that I have several […]

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The 6 Exercises You Need To Do To Perform (And Look Like) A Spartan Goddess

June 9, 2015
spartan exercises

Obstacle races, or OCR events, continues to thrive! There is something to be said about an event that isn’t just running, or just lifting. It combined all facets of fitness together for an event that brings all sorts of people out. Runners love it because they get to use their speed to get through one […]

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The 3 Most Influential Women Making It Okay For US To Be Strong & Amazing

June 8, 2015
women responsible for workouts

It wasn’t even 100 years ago that women received the right to vote. 95 years…. That’s it! It was only in the 60s that legislature passed allowing us credit. As in credit cards. Can you believe that crap? We’ve come a long way over the years! And I’m proud to be a women in this […]

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The Rare Occasion It’s Okay To Celebrate Success With Foods

June 5, 2015
mellow mushroom and dairy queen

Happy Friday! We made it. What are you most excited about? Me?? To catch up on sleep! I haven’t slept much at all over the past 7 days, and I am as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve at the thought of sleeping 8+ hours two nights in a row! YES! Source I’m also […]

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No BS Guide For Runners: How & Why To Recovery After An Ultra Or Marathon

June 4, 2015
how to recover from an ultra trail race

Today marks 4 days out from the 50K and I am still very much enjoying recovery. In the past, after large races, I gave myself a day or (maybe) two off and then went straight back into training. I felt great, or at least good, and felt my body was ready. Okay, that’s BS. I […]

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The World’s Hardest 50K: Quest For The Crest Recap

June 3, 2015
quest for the crest recap 50k

Well, the race has come and gone. The race that has consumed me for over 12 weeks of training. The race that has made me question my decisions, my physical strength, my mental strength and my sanity! The Quest For The Crest. First off, thank for all the good luck messages and check ins. I […]

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A Big List Of Thanks! It’s Game Time Y’all!

May 29, 2015
quest for the crest

Since Monday, friends have been asking me if I am ready for this weekend. My response? “I have no idea! But I’m as ready as I can be.” There is a good chance that while you’re reading this Dan and I are in the car with my mom driving to our cabin in Burnsville, NC […]

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