The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Eating Healthy: FannetasticFood Podcast (Anne Mauney)

September 28, 2015
anne from fannetasticfood podcast

Good morning! Do you read any blogs frequent enough that you forget you don’t actually know the blogger? It’s easy to forget. A good blog is one where you feel connected. As a blogger, I try to give information that can improve your fitness knowledge. But I also try to keep this a personal place […]

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Lately I’ve Been…

September 25, 2015
lately ive been survey

You guys know I love a good survey. Sometimes I just enjoy sitting and chatting with you, getting to know you better. And I hope you do as well. I saw this on Tina’s blog awhile ago and thought it would be a fun way to wrap up the week. Lately, I’ve Been… Making: Everything. I’m […]

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11 Pumpkin Dessert Recipes That Prove Healthy And Delicious Can Coexist

September 24, 2015
health and delicious pumpkin recipes

There’s a chill and eeriness in the air that can only mean one thing… It’s fall y’all! Pumpkin spice lattes have been available at Starbucks since September 1st but I had to wait. I had to wait for fall to arrive. It’s like Christmas. Decorations and gifts line the store shelves earlier each year. But for […]

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30 Minute Creamy Lentil Soup

September 23, 2015
30 minute lentil soup

Before I met my husband, I had no idea what lentils where. When it came to beans, I knew what went in a pot of chili. That was pretty much it. Well, chili beans and black eye peas. So when our first New Years rolled around and Dan asked if I would make lentil soup, […]

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The 5-Step Ladies’ Guide To Conquering Your 1st Pull-up

September 22, 2015
how to get your first pullups

15. That’s the number of pull-ups I am hoping to be able to do in my first set today. Will I do it? I don’t know. But because I’m writing this on Monday, check out my Instagram to see if I made it happen or not. For the past 6 months (maybe longer), I have […]

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Sleep Is Overrated: The Truth About Weight And Sleep

September 21, 2015
sleep and weight loss

Who needs sleep? Sleep is for wusses or people that don’t have a life. Sleep is for people who don’t have passion and goals. Who am I kidding… Sleep sounds amazing right now. Since I broke my leg, I haven’t had much of it. I’ve slept through the night a grand total of 3-4 times […]

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I’m Loving A Lot Lately

September 18, 2015
what i'm loving

Happy Friday! How was your week? Though the week felt as if it dragged a bit, it wasn’t as dramatic as last week. Low key, just what I needed. Today I have a new what I’m loving lately. Feel free to share your loves down below too! What I’m Loving Anniversaries. Today marks 5 years […]

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The Why’s And How’s Of Becoming A Close Grip Push-up Bad Ass

September 17, 2015
close grip wide grip pushups

About four months ago I pushed away from the traditional wide grip push-up. This had been my push-up choice for years for no other reason except I thought it was the right way. The cool thing about being human, is that it’s okay to learn new things and change. It’s also okay to acknowledge that what […]

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Protein Up With Philly Cheese-less Steaks {Gluten-Free}

September 16, 2015
Philly Cheeseless Steaks GlutenFree

Did you know that bone is a unique living protein? I know, you thought it was just a bunch of hard calcium with an inner marrow filling. Or maybe that was just me. But you learn things when you break you leg. Like the need to increase protein and calories significantly to help the body […]

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The Lazy Person’s Guide To Meal Prepping

September 15, 2015
meal plan for lazy people

I respect anyone that can spend hours in their kitchen on a Sunday (or any day) prepping their food for the entire week. From full dinners to 5 days of packed lunches, some people prep it all. I am not one of those people. Few of us are. Here’s my friend Heather’s fruit of her […]

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10 Important Leassons I Learned From Getting Fit

September 14, 2015
11 Lessons About Fitness

Let’s rewind about 10.5 years ago… We were at my parents’ house (because I was still in college). I walked him out to his car to say good-bye. It was Easter Sunday, 2005 and we had just spent the entire weekend together. Our first date had been that Friday. And even though we were just […]

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