10 Crazy Confessions From An Imperfect Personal Trainer

August 7, 2014
confessions of a trainer

It’s the first full week of August, which means it is time for me to confess my health/fitness sins and come clean. I’m not perfect, I don’t try to come off as being perfect, and quit frankly, I am comfortable with my imperfections as a woman/trainer/fitness freak. But I also love being 100% open and […]

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Off The Shoulder Body Weight Shoulder Workout

August 6, 2014
body weight shoulder workout

Now that the whole tweaked back is behind me, we can move forward. Remember last week when I said I had a great shoulder workout to share? Well, I finally get to share it. I personally love working my shoulders… to me toned shoulders just scream fit! Plus, they make the rest of the arm […]

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What Heart Rate Tells You About Your Workout: Is Your Heart Going To Explode?

August 5, 2014
heart rate training help

Let’s talk about our hearts today. Hopefully it’s beating happy and healthy and you’re feeling alive. While that’s all important, it’s not what I want to chat about. I recently received this email from one of my closest friends… I Picture My Heart Exploding At Some Point

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The Top 5 Motivational Clips For A Quick, Instant Burst Of “Hell Yea!”

August 4, 2014
motivational monday movies

Happy Monday friend. I hope you had a great weekend! Are you ready for the week ahead? Read to take August by the horns and show it what you are made of? I certainly am! I am super motivated but that’s not to say I couldn’t use a little more motivational juice. Plus, no matter […]

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What I’m Loving Lately: I’m Having An Affair

August 1, 2014
nutri ninja blender chapul bars and wileys finest

It’s Friday! And guess what? I’m feeling so much better! Thank you for all your get well wishes. They definitely helped. I’m looking forward to some light exercise this weekend to help get the final kinks worked out. Plus I am going stir crazy from my lack of movement these past few days. I’m tired […]

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The Problem I Have With ‘The Pornographication Of Fitness’

July 31, 2014
pornographication of fitness

Today I have one of those post where it was hard to hit the publish button. I was/am hesitant to share my thoughts, however clearly, I took a breath, held it and hit the Publish button after all. I think this is my first RANT post ever… I think. Perhaps you’ve seen this article floating […]

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The 10 Day 5 Workout Ultimate Fitness Challenge

July 30, 2014
10 day fitness challenge

Unfortunately, I am still out of commission. My back is definitely feeling better, but I am taking this very seriously and making sure to give my body time to heal. I would much rather take one week off from working out to avoid a more serious issue where I’ll be stuck on steroids (I hate […]

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10 Signs You Deserve Your Fitness Badass Card

July 29, 2014
fitness badass

Up until yesterday morning, I’ve been feeling like a fitness badass. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, but I’ve been putting in the hard work and see results with my workouts. I’ve been pushing myself, gaining confidence to try new things, and really feeling like I own my body… not just my […]

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An Important PSA: Your Body On Lazy

July 28, 2014
body on lazy

Hey friends, how’s your Monday kicking off? I thought we could start the week off with a little PSA, whatcha say? Remember this one… Even if you weren’t around during the 80s, you’ve heard of this classic. It’s almost as memorable as… “I’m Fallin’ And I Can’t Get Up!” …which isn’t a public service announcement. […]

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Scenes From Girls Night In Italy {Cooking Class}

July 25, 2014
healthy italian cooking class

Here’s something you might not know about me… I love throwing a good (no GREAT) dinner party. I would much rather cook for my friends and serve free-flowing glasses of delicious wine than go out to a restaurant. From our annual holiday dinner party! The intimacy, the love that goes into prepping and cooking, and […]

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Embarrassing Gym Issue: Have You Ever Tooted During A Workout?

July 24, 2014
gas at gym

I’m not going to lie, I have really enjoyed putting together this series on embarrassing gym issues! If you’re new to the blog, for the past few weeks I’ve been sharing the most common gym issues that we are embarrassed by… inlcuding the whys and the hows on dealing with’em. If you missed out: Do […]

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