3 Deliciously Sweet Maple Syrup Recipes For Fall {Vegan & GlutenFree}

October 10, 2014

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Federation of Quebec Maple Producers. All opinions expressed are my own. If I told you that the first time I had real Canadian maple syrup, it was probably about 2 years ago, would you believe me? Well, sadly it’s true. In our house growing […]

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How To Plan A Successful Long Run: The Time I Ran 20 Miles

October 9, 2014
how to run 20 miles

Hello there! How’s life? So let’s just get straight to the point today… If you follow me on Instagram (if you’re not, why?) you may have seen that I ran 20 miles this past weekend. This was by far a new distance record for me. In fact, it beat my previous record by 5 miles. […]

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A Letter From A Woman To Her Cellulite

October 8, 2014
cellulite battle

Dearest Cellulite, Will you ever go away? For the past decade, I have done nothing but cringe at the thought of you. Every workout I’ve done, I’ve done with the hope that it will demolish you. That it would cause you to fade away into the darkness, never to surface again. I can’t tell you […]

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Spooktacular Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

October 6, 2014
spooktacular confessions of a trainer

It’s October! Well, I know I am a little behind on my confessions but that’s only because I wanted to make them extra special this month. October is my 2nd favorite month (behind December). I love the cooler temps, the crispness of the mornings and of course Halloween. Over the years, Halloween has become bigger […]

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The Spartan 300 Workout Challenge

October 4, 2014
300 workout

I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start. Right now, chances are high that I am out running my longest run yet. More on that next week, that is, if I make it back safe. Ha. I wanted to share a workout with you, my gorgeous friends, on this absolutely gorgeous weekend. This […]

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Foods You Thought Were Bad But Aren’t: Rice

October 2, 2014
is rice good for you

Last week, I was talking with my boot campers answering questions at the end of our workout like I do every day when someone asked me what carby foods I ate. The order I responded with went something like this… Sweet potatoes Oatmeal Plantains Beans Rice Immediately, I was cut off when one of my […]

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How To Train For A Mud Run {Exercises & Tips}

October 1, 2014
how to train for mud run

In 4 weeks, I will be standing at the starting line of my first Spartan Race, the Carolinas Beast. Gives me chills just thinking about it! Once that whistle blows, Dan and I will work our way through 8(ish) miles of trails being challenged by dozens of obstacles trying to slow us down, trying to […]

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Australian Model Stands Up Against Brands Photoshopping Her Body {Podcast}

September 29, 2014
meaghan kausman

What would you do if… You took some gorgeous pictures. Posted one of them on Instagram showing off the amazing talent of both you and the photographer. Went to bed and woke up the next morning to find that the company of the outfit you  wore in the picture had photoshopped the hell out of it? I […]

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5 Things I Am Loving This Second

September 27, 2014
things i love

I’m a woman which means that my opinions are allowed to change on a daily, no an hourly, basis. It’s one of the perks we get. And my opinions do change, a lot. Something I love one week, might not seem so great the following week. And something that I’m not crazy about today, may […]

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Duality Workout: Killer Jump Rope + Strength Workout

September 25, 2014
jump rope kettlebell body weight workout

The jump rope, aka the most under rated piece of fitness equipment ever, is making a comeback in this week’s workout. While people are paying over $1000 for a fancy cardio machine, they could be getting in a better workout by spending less than $8 (Here’s my rope). I told Dan a long time ago that […]

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The Difference Between Toning Muscle & Building Muscle: Woman’s Guide To Strength Training

September 24, 2014
difference between toning and muscle building

Let’s play a quick game a Family Feud! Here’s the topic… A survey asked women why they workout. What were the top answers? Of course #1 would be “Weight Loss”. And #3 would be to “Be In Better Shape” (whether that means to have more endurance or to be stronger, I suppose it’s up to […]

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