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lisa-cronin“What a beacon of light and love Taylor Ryan is! She’s so raw and real, and yet she has an ability to tap into my strength that guides me to reach to new heights. Taylor is AMAZING!”


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6 Rules That Helped Me Recover From Exercise Addiction

Exercise addiction is defined as: “An unhealthy obsession with physical fitness and exercise. It is often a result of body image disorders and eating disorders.” Enjoying exercise and doing it most days per week isn’t the same as being addicted. This is based on my own personal history. Before we go any further, let me […]

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Weekend Warrior Butt Workout: Another 1000 Calorie Burning Workout

Did this week fly by for anyone else? Wasn’t I just sitting on my couch planning my week out? Just like that the days have passed and we’re moving into another awesome weekend. A weekend that can be even more awesome if you do the workout I’m sharing with you. Now that the Tactical Strength Challenge over, […]

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Strong First’s Tactical Strength Challenge Recap

Where do I even start? I should start by thanking you. Thank you for your support. I can’t tell you how much the private messages and texts meant to me this past weekend. I have been talking up this competition for weeks now, and your support made my heart happy. In case you’re new to […]

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