How To Do A Painless Kettlebell Snatch

January 15, 2015
how to do kettlebell snatch

A few weeks ago I asked what you guys needed help with in terms of your workouts… specifically kettlebells. It was pretty much unanimous: How Do I Do A Kettlebell Snatch? Right after the swing, the snatch is the next move that people think of when dealing with kettlebells. The problem? They aren’t easy to […]

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Tips On Getting Up & Holding A Handstand

January 14, 2015
how to handstand

Handstands. One of those cool moves you see gorgeous yogis doing and wish that you could do it even half as good. Balancing on hands, being confident enough to actually pull your legs all the way and go for it, and then the art of holding it longer than a mili-second once you do actually […]

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Corinna Coffin: Podcast With The Coolest OCR Elite

January 13, 2015
Corinna Coffin OCR champion

Before diving into the post today, I want to take a quick second and thank you all for the amazing support and kind words on yesterday’s post. Many of you applauded my willingness to be open but when I’m with friends every day it doesn’t seem to crazy to me. Thank you. Now… I did […]

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The Naked Truth: My Body 10 Pounds Heavier

January 12, 2015
10 pound finale

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared the picture below. I found it recently in a scrapbook. Yes, that’s me on the left. And I was just about 15 pounds heavier than I am at this very moment… but what I difference in the kind of weight then versus what I am carrying now. I’ve had […]

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What I’m Loving Lately: Eat, Drink & Be Sweaty

January 9, 2015
things I am loving

Happy Friday friends! I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend planned. My weekend is packed… a girls night of cooking lessons, a long run, a handstand clinic (can’t wait to share), cocktails with friends, and a few workouts to be filmed. It’s going to be busy but a blast. I […]

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The Royal Flush Kettlebell Workout

January 8, 2015
kettlebell card workout

Well hello there! How is your Thursday shaping up or starting off? We kicked ours off with winter. Yes, winter has made it’s way for the day to the south. I say for the day because the south is crazy. The high is 36 today, but back up to 50 tomorrow. Southern weather is just like us… […]

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Why Do People Drink Apple Cider Vinegar? Research Day

January 7, 2015
The health benefits of apple cider vinegar

For the past 5 days I have dragged myself out of bed, walked into my kitchen and concocted a cocktail of cold water, lemon, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar. Why? Because at heart I’m a researcher. And I’ve read time and time again that drinking a morning cocktail like this is good for your […]

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5 Reasons Why Working Out Is Like Brushing Your Teeth

January 6, 2015
exercise is like brushing teeth

Stay with me for this one. I promise it will all make sense. And you’ll totally shake your head in agreement. But first a back story… This week for many women (and men) is the kick off for weight loss and fitness resolutions. Sure 2015 kicked off last week, but who wants to start eating […]

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Check Yourself: 5 Easy To Fix Common Kettlebell Mistakes

January 5, 2015
common kettlebell mistakes

For most people, today is a big day. It’s the official start of the new year. I know the real day was last week, but who wants to start resolutions reaching goals on a Thursday or Friday? Everyone needed this past weekend to get organized, their mind in the right place and of course it […]

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Happy New Years! The Ball Drop Kettlebell Workout

January 1, 2015
kettlebell workout for new years

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope you had a fun and safe night out! We stayed in and it was marvelous. Maybe one year we will actually venture out for New Years but this was not that year. And it was exactly like I wanted! We are getting ready to head to my parents for a […]

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Resolutions: Why They Suck & The 5 Rules That Everyone Needs To Know To Make Then Not Suck

December 31, 2014
The 5 rules to successful New Years goals

I can’t believe tomorrow is 2015. It’s so cliche, but seriously, where did the year go? I feel as if just yesterday I was planning out my goals for 2014 and here I am now going over them and planning out 2015. And you know that because it’s a special day, tomorrow I’m going to […]

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