What’s In A Name? Taylor Is A Pen Name

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” -Romeo & Juliet

I have something that I have to get off my chest. It’s something that I am really excited to share, but something that will possibly make you say out loud: “What!?”

Are you ready?

Years ago (like 5+) I started to blog about fitness. Dan was just getting into learning about internet business and I thought it would be a fun way for me to get involved too.

Me… in 2007 making the “holy moly” face.

I was just getting started as a personal trainer and decided the blog route was perfect for me. An awesome way to share my own training, exercise beliefs and nutritional choices. At that time, it wasn’t LiftingRevolution, but Total Toned Womens Club… what a blog name, right?

I was a bit apprehensive about putting everything out on the internet for the world to see, so after thinking things through I decided that best option would be to go by a pen name… I spoke with other bloggers and internet business owners and found that pen names were incredibly popular.

Here are some stars that go by pen names: 

  • Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer Anistonapoulos
  • Jon Bon Jovi: John Bongiovi (what a fun name)
  • Bono: Paul Hewson
  • Nicolas Cage: Nicolas Coppola
  • Tom Cruise: Thomas Cruise Mapother, IV

And with lots of thought, I took the name Taylor Ryan.

Where Did Taylor Come From? 

It was actually an easy decision. Throughout my mom’s pregnancy she had every intention of naming me Taylor if I was a girl. It wasn’t until she was in the hospital waiting for my arrival that she saw a movie with my name and changed her plans. I decided, if it was good enough to be my name, it would be good enough to be my pen name.

It wasn’t until last year I was talking with my mom, mentioned Taylor Ryan and she asked… who? She knew I went by Taylor but didn’t know about the Ryan part. She then told me my planned birth name was suppose to be Taylor Ryan Guthrie. Weird, right?

The Business Side Of A Name

After a few months, I let that blog simmer and eventually fizzle away, I wasn’t feeling TTWC. Instead, I took over LiftingRevolution, though I didn’t take it very seriously at first. A post here, a post there… whenever I felt I had something to say. To be honest, I was a terrible writer and it made me very self conscious about writing all together. Those older posts are hilarious to go look back on!

But Taylor had already been established not just on the blog but also Youtube, Facebook and The Art of Weight Lifting (now Fit Women’s Weekly). Again, with privacy… keeping the pen name was important to me.


Are you still following along? I’m not quite done yet…

From Internet To Local Business Owner

In 2009, I began my own local business: Charleston Fat Blasting Boot Camp (this is the 1st time I have actually said the name of my boot camp here).

Of course, being in my own town I had to use my real name. When I told my clients about my other websites, I would explain to them why I was Taylor. No one ever had any issues and they all supported the pen name 100%.

But here’s the issue I face today… my boot camps are growing (yay), I decided to take the blog very seriously and am extremely passionate about it and it’s growth (yay), and I am growing as a trainer at Fit Womens Weekly (yay). I am VERY driven to create a name for myself not only in Charleston but everywhere to help as many women as I can with their body, health and overall life.

2 years ago I wasn’t bothered going by two different names… I am the same person with both just with a different name attached. But as the businesses grow, it would be nice to allow some over lap. To be able to put up Youtube videos that both local and my awesome internet friends can see, post to both my boot camp and Fit Womens Weekly gang in a single post on Facebook and share so much more!

But that’s not the only reason to “come out”… as my fitness businesses grow there is a greater chance that you will see me around going by another name. I don’t want you to be confused or to ask “does Taylor have a twin?” or to think I am lying about who I am. And the same for my local clients.

I remember a few months back, one of my clients looked up an exercise on Youtube… only to find me. Except I went by Taylor on it. She came to class and excitedly announced…

Did you know there is a girl on Youtube that looks JUST like you? She could pass as your twin!”

It’s not a twin… just me!

Of course I laughed and told her, yes I did know… because that look-a-like was me.


And that’s the story. Taylor Ryan is my pen name and will continue to be my pen name. It’s my established online name that will stick around, however if you see a video, image, article, etc with Kindal on it then you know that’s also me. Again, I am the same person… everything in this blog is from my personal life, my personal thoughts and beliefs.

But my clients tease me when I am tougher on them, saying that I am going into “Taylor” mode… I guess Taylor is a bit more of a hard ass? And Kindal is a softy!

It’s not a double life… just a double name. 🙂

Hey… It’s Dan and Kindal Boyle… Dan goes by, Dan.

Yup, Kindal… that’s my name. But so is Taylor, call me whatever. Dan goes between the 2 all the time. It’s pretty fun actually.

So there you have it, I hope this isn’t a huge shocker to you and that you understand the need for Taylor. All of my friends, new and old understand and actually agree with the use of the pen.

I hope you do as well.

Now, I am off to do some filming, teaching and writing!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions below! 


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