Pistol Squat Progression: The Badass Squat That Gives Bragging Rights

Hi Friend! I hope you had a great weekend.

Perhaps filled with sunshine and maybe even a weekend warrior workout?

In our house, we decided to combine the two.

Oh yes we did. And it was fabulous. I’ll share some pictures below.

First things first though… what’s an exercise that you’ve seen someone do at the gym and you immediately thought:

“Wow, that’s pretty badass. I’ll never be able to do that.”

Pull-ups? Dead-lifts? 1-armed push-ups?

Well, first off you can do it. You just have to know how to work towards making it happen.

And second, my favorite bragging rights exercise is:

The Pistol Squat

Might seem crazy and impossible, but it’s not. Check out the show below to learn how to progress towards doing an entire set of pistol squats on your own!

Pistol Squats are a fabulous 1-legged squat.

Except it’s more like a squat on steroids.

Instead of stopping when the thigh is parallel to the ground, you continue lowering down until your butt is practically tapping your heal.

Your other leg is stretched out in front of your body, never touching the ground.

Sounds like fun right?

They are.

But more than anything, it’s the squat that if you can do it people look at you in awe.

And since I have a lot of people ask me about them, I thought I would share with you how you can progress towards accomplishing a pistol on your own.

pistol squat progression

Just to warn you, if you have bad knees then these may not be for you.

There are plenty of other awesome lower body moves you can do, this is just a fun challenge to aim for!

folly beach

No editing was done to this photo!

Workout Beach Day Fun

Since I mentioned yesterday that Dan and I were going to do a kettlebell workout at the beach, I thought I would share a few pictures.

dual squat kettlebell

We had a great workout (Dan is king at designing killer kettlebell workouts), so good in fact, that we pushed ourselves to new levels.


I’m jumping up in weight: 35 lb. I didn’t think I would be able to do a lot of the circuit with the given number of reps, but I did!

Not only that, but I was in beast mode… I ended up ripping a callus off my hand. It hurt like hell but I felt like a total badass.

folly beach kettlebell workout

We’ve decided to hit the sand every Sunday!

If you’re into KB training, here is the workout we did.

“The Sandy Kettlebell”

5 Min Jog

60 KB Swings

20 Dual Squats (holding 2 uneven weighted kbs: I used a 35 & a 20)

Plank Hold

20 Chest Presses/Side

Side Planks

20 Snatches

40 Yard Run

25 Walking Lunges

Because we loved doing this so much, we’re going to stick to beach workouts on the weekends. If you’re in Charleston and want to workout with us, just email me! We would love to start a workout club on Sunday mornings.

That’s a wrap… so tell me,

What’s your favorite badass move?


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