Podcast: Coach Karen Smith Talks Kettlebells & The Most Important Body Part That We Neglect To Train

Who’s your fitness guru? Do you have one?

I have several, studying others helps me improve my own training and the training experience of my clients… never stop learning! Life tip #1.

I won’t share them all today, but I will share one…

Coach Karen Smith

Coach Karen is a badass… and I’m not exaggerating.

Her strength is incredible and her passion for health and fitness is hard to match (though I think I’m up there, ha).


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When I decided to bring the podcast back, I knew immediately I wanted to reach out to Karen.

After following her Instagram forever, this was a woman I knew could teach me a thing or two about kettlebells, training and more.

Luckily, she said yes!

There are so many golden nuggets in this podcast. Even if you’re not into kettlebell training, you’ll still benefit.

But First…

A quick run down of Coach Karen: 


One of the first women to complete the Iron Maiden Challenge from StrongFirst (not sure what this is? Listen in).

A Chief StrongFirst Instructor

Master Kettlebell StrongFirst Instructor

Advisor & Contributor wth Girls Gone Strong

Mom, Business woman and all around amazing person.

What can you expect? 

Learn how doing less and obsessing less can do more for your body. How Karen is in the best shape of her life and trains the least amount she ever has.

What it’s like to be coached by the top kettlebell expert (possibly in the world).

How to get started in kettlebells and what weight should most women start with.

What’s the body part that needs the most training but that we neglect? <– I love that we both have a passion for this.

Tips on getting stronger and using heavier kettlebells.

And finally, goal setting. How to set goals that set you up for success.

And so much more!

Are you excited yet? Sweet. Let’s do this…

Coach Karen Smith Shares Her Kettlebell Passion, Journey And Mind Set Goals

Thank you Karen for the time you gave and the conversation we had! I hope that you all enjoyed this talk as much as we did.

If anyone is interested in the Strength Retreat (man, I wish I could go!) head over to: Strength Retreat now!

If you liked it… 

PLEASE pop over to iTunes and leave a review (go to your app) as every review helps to make the podcast more accessible to others. I love reading the reviews and trust me there are so great ones over there.

Have a great day!


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