Podcast: Why You’re Burning Out At The Start (And More!)

I am so thrilled that you guys enjoyed last week’s podcast with Lindsay. I’ll definitely make sure to have her back on in the future and we can share more trainer confessions!

On this week’s episode, I wanted to answer questions that I have received from you guys lately. I’ve had questions building up with the idea of doing blog posts on them, but decided they would be perfect for a podcast Q&A!

So… sit back, grab a coffee or water, and let’s do this.

Here’s a Few Questions We’ll Cover:

Is the InstaPot really worth it? What makes it so great?

Are fitness trackers (using heart rate monitors) a good tool for determining weight loss results?

I’m eating right before a race, why I am losing steam just a 1/4 of the way through even though I’ve been doing Crossfit several days each week?

And more!

If you have any specific questions or topics you’d like covered on the podcast let me know down below!



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Time Restricted Feeding Science

Fit Womens Weekly

What’s your can’t live without kitchen appliance?

For us, it’s the Vitamix!

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