Pre Race Ritual: 24 Hours Out Till Charleston Half

Good morning! We have made it to Friday, I am so excited for a full weekend ahead.

There is a big health fair going on this weekend so I am dragging Dan to see what it’s all about (perhaps we’ll join in next year as vendors); we have a take out dinner date with my brother and his wife tonight, and then tomorrow is my 2nd half marathon!

With that, I thought it would be cool if I ran through my pre-race rituals with you since so many of you have asked about my training and tips on running.

So here we go.

What I Do Before A Half Marathon (Pre Race Rituals)

Drink Up

First, I am terrible about drinking enough water in a day, so bad it’s pretty embarrassing. So starting two days out (yesterday) I make it a priority to really hydrate up. I know that not only will I feel better overall but my performance will be much better too.

As for the morning of the race, I don’t like to down too much h2o because who wants sloshing in their bellies? Porta Potty pit stops? No thanks and no thanks.

Weather Check

Our weather can change drastically from one day to the next. I have learned the hard way to not look too far in advantaged. 5 days out it might say sunny with a high of 65… 3 days out it might say rainy with a high of 45. So this morning, I checked the weather and made the decision of what I’ll wear and need to pick up.

charleston weather charleston marathon Toss Away Shopping

I’m expecting a very cold morning (the low tonight is 32), so after my classes today I am making a Target run to pick up some cheap ($2) mittens and a  throw away top. I learned my lesson last time about wearing a jacket I like. Thanks to MissZippy for teaching me about toss away!

Race Fuel

I don’t fuel during my normal long runs but because I like the option during a race, I will go grab some jelly beans to keep on me just in case I feel the need for a sugar load. The Sport Beans variety pack (the black pouch) is my favorite!

sports beans

The race is offering gummy bears at a few of their water stations but I am not a fan of the texture while I am running. Goos and beans work best for me.

Forget About Exercise

Of course there is no exercise on my agenda for today! These legs are getting a much needed rest so they feel fresh and ready for the roads in the am. To be honest, I don’t even think I’ll scrub the house today. Crazy, right?

Finalize Plans

I am running the Charleston (Half) Marathon with my friend, Jeanette. We both plan on driving downtown to the start. So today at the expo we will decide where to meet up before the gun goes off. Because it doesn’t end at the start, we’re going to have Dan meet us at the finishline to take some pictures but also to drive us back to our cars.

Sure there  is a bus system, but when you have a great husband that is willing to wake up early on a Saturday to drive you back 13.1 miles so you don’t have to wait in line, that’s a plus!  Tonight Dan and I will go over what time I expect to cross so he can be there and where exactly it is.

Chill out

cute kitty sleeping

Yes, this is how cute I look when I just sit back and relax. Okay maybe not, but I will be hitting the hay early. {Image source}

That’s really about it. The other parts are just psychological and include keeping calm and unstressed. I tend to get anxious for all races right before simply because i want to do the best that I can. Hanging out with my family tonight will help keep my mind of the race and just being calm!

Morning Of Rituals

Tomorrow morning, I plan on waking up about an hour before I have to leave. Get dressed up in my lucky running top and socks (I’ll have bottoms on of course but they aren’t lucky); and eat a pre-race breakfast. Nothing fancy… toast, banana slices and peanut butter. Depending on wake up time I might grab a cup of coffee as well, but it has to be early so that it doesn’t affect my stomach when I get downtown, if you know what I mean. And that’s really it! Tie my laces and get running!

My Goals? 

half marathon goal

I haven’t really thought about my goals yet for this race. I was a little up in arms because of the cold weather and my decision to train a lot of the treadmill. But if the race goes perfectly, I would LOVE to break 1.50. But if I don’t, I am not going to beat myself up over this one. Especially since I have the Mt In The Middle race next weekend!

What is your pre-race breakfast?
Do you have a lucky running/workout outfit? 

I’ll share mine tomorrow in the recap!


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