The biggest obstacle I see most women dealing with when they start a new program is not the program itself. It’s not even the nutritional side of burning fat… its’ dealing with psyching yourself out as you’re getting started.

The crazy thing about psyching yourself out is… it happens on multiple fronts. It’s not like waiting in line at a huge roller coaster where you psych yourself out through fear. This is a little more sinister.

Psyching Yourself

The 3 Ways Your Psyching Yourself Out And How To Beat Them

Psych Out 1: The “I Am Too Weak” Psych

This psych out is classic when you are brand new to intense exercise. Most women are use to walking or maybe something like a spin class or Zumba. However, when you get into some serious fat burning circuits, you may realize your weaker than you thought.

Feeling no strength when you previously thought you had some is humbling. It will most likely make you think, “I can’t do this” or “what am I do here, doing this?”

Both of those thoughts might psych you out and cause you to quit. They will have you seeking easy workouts which defeats the purpose of exercise to begin with.

How To Beat “I Am Too Weak” Psych…

Realize that you’re strong in mind and that you have to start somewhere. If you’re really weak now, no big deal. You have to start somewhere and there is no better time than right now. The sooner you start the faster you’ll gain strength.

Psych Out 2: The “Immediate Results” Psych

This is the most classic of all psych outs. Most programs will focus on immediate weight loss no matter what. Even if the fast weight loss sets you up for more weight loss later… it doesn’t matter.

However, a good program will typically have a three week delay for real weight loss results. Because TV and magazines have trained women to look for overnight results, after the first week if the scale doesn’t read 10 pounds lighter, you might freak out.

You’ll think this program isn’t working. You’ll second guess what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. All of a sudden those fat loss pills promising 10 pounds overnight will start to look awfully appealing.

It’s at this time when you stop… you’re lost and you just psyched yourself out.

How To Beat The “Immediate Results” Psych…

Remember that you want long term results, not just flash in the pants weight loss. What good is knocking off 10 pounds when in three weeks you’ll gain 15 pounds back?

If you’re with a real trainer than stick with it. As long as that trainer can back up their success, then you’re there… just keep working hard.

Psych Out 3: The “I’ll Never Be Her” Psych

Yet another classic. Women are very comparative with their bodies to other women. Men are the same, they just don’t like to be as open about it.

But if you’re working out in a group or gym environment, you’ll notice a gorgeous women with a great body and you’ll get envious about it. We all do it, even me. That’s what I typically begin making some snide remarks… 😉

For many women, this is enough to depress them and lead right into a variation of the first psych out… The “I Never Going To Succeed” Psych Out.

These two are very closely related and you just can’t let that happen.

How To Beat The “I’ll Never Be Her” Psych…

This one is really easy. You have to have an attitude of gratitude and well wishing. When you see a thin, gorgeous woman stuffing her face with cake and sweats, be happy for her. It’s hard but it’s the right thing to do and you’ll feel better for it.

Soon enough these women won’t bother you and you can get back to doing the one thing you should be doing…

Concentrating on yourself and what you can do.

Take Your Fitness And Nutrition Success To The Next Level

Be Happy With Where You Are

Create awareness with where you are and with what psych out you’re in. You’ll get good at recognizing them. If you come across something new, just email me and let me know about it.

I’ll add it to the list.

Remember this though…

If you concentrate on where you are, soon enough you’ll be so fit and thin that you’ll be the woman driving others crazy. Then you can go to them and tell them your story. It will make their day and yours!