Push-Up Progression: Go From 0 To 20 Real Push-ups

Yesterday was all about chin-ups progression (did you try one?) so let’s turn the tables and talk about their sister exercise, push-ups.

Push-ups are a staple in the fitness world and should be. They rock and I am not just saying that. There is hardly a workout that goes by that doesn’t have at least 1 set of push-ups in it.


Because, like the chin-up it is a BIG muscle exercise. Not only does it work some big muscles, it works a lot of muscles.

Let’s look at Mr. Muscle Man again:

push-up muscles







Butt what? If you do push-ups and actually concentrate on keeping a tight body, you’ll feel muscles working from head to toe. Butt included, just “sqeeze” it throughout the set.

Going From 0 – 20 Push-Ups

While it’s easy to say, oh do more push-ups, the reality is that few woman can pump out proper ones. That’s okay! You have to start somewhere which is why my talented husband put together this progression chart.

pushup progression for women

If you can’t do push-ups right now, don’t let that keep you from trying! Start with the first push-up variation, wall-push ups. When you are able to do the recommended amount (50) then follow it down to the next variation. Continue working towards the recommended reps. As you get stronger and make your way down, you will knock out those big girl push-ups!

Realize, it won’t happen over night but with continued practice, you’ll see yourself getting more confident and closer to the ultimate goal.

When you get to your knees, after 1 week of knee push-ups, start each set trying for “big girl” push-ups. Even if you can only do 1 more than you were able to do during the previous workout before dropping to your knees, that’s okay! Push yourself forward until you accomplish 20 no knees!

Push-Ups And Bigger Breasts

I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve been asked

“Will push-ups help my boobs get bigger?”

Unfortunately, breasts are made of fat and breast tissue so no matter how many push-ups you do, those girls will not “grow”. However because it targets the chest, you can help to give the appearance of a lift. Helping the girls to stay a bit more perky!

If push-ups gave bigger breasts, I might resemble Dolly Parton. And clearly that’s not the case.

Don’t be afraid of push-ups! Go for it and when you can knock out 20, I want to know about it! Good luck 🙂


I just realized that Monday was my 1 year veganversary! It’s been over a year since I had a classic burger or steak.

So how did I celebrate?

With this:

coconut chicken

Coconut Pecan Encrusted Chicken Breast

Just kidding, that was Dan’s plate. This was mine:

coconut encrusted tempeh

Coconut encrusted tempeh over mung bean fettuccine noodles with asparagus.

To be honest, the year went by very quickly and I am still loving the way I am feeling. Have I been perfect? Nope! I’ve enjoyed some seafood from time to time and of course some unvegan treats like yogurt and chocolate cake. Like any diet, you have to give yourself a break. This is a lifestyle not a prison sentence. I eat vegan because of the health benefits that I have observed and the overall way I feel.

Excited to see how the next year goes!

Have you ever tried to see how many push-ups you can do? 

What’s your favorite body weight exercise?


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