Men are stronger right?

Only if you let them… imagine a ridiculous, but cool scenario like this

You’re at a little get together with friends, nothing fancy. Your talking to your girlfriends, and overhear your husband talking about doing pushups, trying to sound all manly. Smirking, you call him out and challenge him to a little friendly pushup contest.

Not one to let an “easy” challenge slip by he accepts. He begins to strain at 26 pushups and shuts down at 32. You keep going to straight through… 35… 38…. 46… 50!

Everybody is just sitting there with their mouths open. You smile get back up and take a sip of wine.

How cool would that be?

You can do it with the right pushup training progression.

Here’s How To Go From Barely One Pushup To 50 Straight

Step 1: Master Form First

Pushup form is pretty easy to master. Here is a good picture of the starting position you want to have. From here, just keep it going the whole time and only use your arms to lower your body.

Two things you should watch for…

  • Don’t lower your head to the ground. Look about 4 feet out in front of you.
  • Don’t raise your butt too much when you begin to fatigue (most common issue, but the reverse is also true).

Step 2: Find A Wall

Pushup Off Wall

Those are real boot campers of mine mastering their pushups! 

Start by finding a good wall that you can use to pushup off of. You can use an actual flat wall, but it’s much better to find a wall that is about 3 to 4 feet tall. You can use a staircase for a lot of this… but soon it won’t work. The stair above the one you’re using to pushup off of will get in the way of your head going down 🙁

However, the wall is your key to increasing strength fast!

It puts the majority of your weight towards to your feet. Now you can do a perfect pushup from the wall and start to get stronger. As you get stronger, keep finding shorter and shorter walls.

Here’s the key… make sure you get your chest all the way to the wall edge. Don’t only go down half way.

Step 3: Real Pushup Time

Real Pushup

After the wall sequence… which should take you a couple months to do… you’re ready to get your real pushup count up.

If you’ve been doing about 30 pushups on the wall progression the whole time, this step should be really easy. However, you want to increase your strength endurance to 50 pushups. That is key.

Get to 50 straight and in good form. This should only take a couple weeks.

Step 4: Decline Pushups for Added Strength

A decline pushup is where you go back to a wall but rather than have your upper body on the wall, your feet go on the wall. This brings the majority of your weight over your upper body making the pushup harder.

But here the thing… if you can get to 20 or 30 of these, then 50 normal will be a walk in the part.

Sounds Pretty Intense? Scared Of Training That Hard?

When I work with women on this progression, they get a little intimidated. First, most women believe they will never do that many pushups. Second, they feel like they will get muscular looking.

  1. You can do it. I’ve seen a few women easily do this, plus I can do it. Trust me, if I can do it, anybody can do it.
  2. You will get muscular looking… like a strong woman. You won’t be big or anything like that. In fact, this pushup progression will burn fat like crazy as your building strength.
After this you’ll be ready to take over any dinner party and be the fit woman every other woman looks up to!

Get to Work On Your Pushups!