PV Body Update & Disappointment

Hi ladies, I am writing this before hitting the hay so I will go ahead an apologize for spelling and grammer mistakes.

I didn’t want to put this off until tomorrow. Last week (and yesterday) I started talking about PV Body as a great way to get brand name fitness clothes. I was first introduced to them back in September at a conference and then re-introduced just a few weeks ago when they asked me if I would like to try their services.

It was great and I wanted to share my experience with you, so they offered my readers 20% off. Awesome right?

Well, I just received an email today that they are changing their ways. Instead of brand name clothing they will be shipping out THEIR new brand of clothing to members.

I feel used and very disappointed by this. Especially since I joined on right as changes were happening. I feel as if they should have told me since I have had several of you sign up to try them out. I am not saying that there brand is bad (I don’t know) however I think they should have made this change known to you and me prior to signing up so that you knew what to expect.

Now, you won’t be getting the LuluLemon or Nike or any big brand, you’ll receive Ellie. Who knows what to expect with it? Again, they say their brand is high quality and equivalent to LuluLemon, plus you’ll be able to choose which clothes you receive. But again… this is not what I shared with you.

I feel as if this was a secret move as if no one would notice.

I care though, as my readers mean the world to me. I only try to share the things that I 100% believe in and I no longer can say this about PV Body. I feel duped and I apologize for that.

So… if you have signed up for PV Body and aren’t so sure about trying their line then cancel. If you’re open to them then go for it. Again, their brand may be awesome, I don’t know.

And with that… I say good night. I will continue to share products that I love and stand behind but I will also try my best to do as much research as I can.


  • Hope | pv.body

    Hey Taylor! I just read through your article and I’m excited to help clarify and solve any confusion from the email you received from us this morning. We love having you as a brand ambassador and I would never want you to think we were trying to be misleading as a company.

    After five months of shipping other brands, we constantly received feedback from our members that the clothes were too big, too small, uncomfortable, not cute and not exactly what they wanted. The only brand that constantly received positive feedback was Lululemon.. of course. 🙂

    So we started thinking about ways we could send our girls exactly what they were looking for without actually becoming Lululemon.. and Ellie was born. Ellie was never a bait and switch plan; Ellie was created to send women the best quality, the best stitching, and the cutest styles (literally, we use the same fabrics, sewing machines, everything as Lululemon) but at a fraction of the cost. We were able to take all the negative feedback we got and turn it into something positive.

    If you don’t love our new line, no problem… At the end of the day, there is no commitment to pv.body or Ellie. You can cancel your membership at anytime with a click of a button.

    However, I think you will absolutely fall in love with Ellie. If you’re still open to it, I’d love to ship you a brand new outfit so you can be the first to experience the quality and style. 🙂 Let me know.

    • Thanks for clarifying Hope. I think that communication is important and will hopefully allow the LR readers to have a full understanding of what they can expect.

  • Denise

    Hi Taylor,
    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been looking at PV Body for a few months and I’m glad I didn’t take the plunge. Also, Lululemon has its own proprietary fabrics that no one else can use (luon, luxtreme..) , so saying that Ellie uses the same fabrics is also not true. I guess we will wait and see what happens!

    • Wow Denise, that is really interesting about the fabrics. Thanks for sharing! You’re so right it will be interesting to see what happens.

  • Jen

    Taylor, you’re not the only one who feels that PV Body did a bait & switch on their customers. If you read through the comments on Sarah’s blog, you will see that SO MANY people are upset about how shady they are! I canceled after they deleted my Facebook posts on their page when I was pissed from waiting for over a month to get a simple issue resolved. I FINALLY got a refund after 5 weeks. They are HORRIBLE!


    • Yes, I read Sarah’s post as well. She was able to get your post up before mine so I was sending my facebookers to her until I could get home to write as well. Glad you got your refund! I suppose later is better than never. But it is very frustrating.

  • Sonya W.

    I’m part of a local fitness group and I’m the first and only person within the group to try out pvbody. All the ladies in my group are eager to hear my feedback. My situation is not that bad, however now I’m starting to worry after reading all the reviews and posts about them. I made my first order on 1/4/13 and it’s only been 8 business days, but I still have not received a shipment notification email. I have emailed pvbody through their website but I did not receive a reply. I gave up asking about my order and I’ve decided to just wait. I emailed Hope only to tell her that I had to update my sizing info and to ask if that would be reflected in my soon-to-be-shipped order. Hope was actually very nice and helpful. I am going to share my first outfit with my fellow group members, and some of them actually wear LuLuLemon so they would know good quality when they see it. I’m trying my best to remain optimistic and trust this company.

    • Def stay optimistic! I would love to hear your thoughts when you get your order.

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