Race Day Rain: Hoping For The Best Preparing For The Worst

I am putting this post together Friday evening, so as I write this I have no idea what to expect come 6am when my alarm starts going off but I am hoping for a dry morning but expecting this:


I have been so fortunate over the past years of racing to never have to face inclement weather, so in a way I feel like this is a right of passage.

I signed up for the Messa 8K about a month ago when I realized that I didn’t have a race booked for February, and since I am aiming to do at least 1 race each month for the entire year… I choose this one. And because it’s the only race I signed up for in February there really is no backing out.


The Messa 8K and I actually go way back… back to 2007. It was the first race I ever did that was beyond a 5K, I remember back then thinking how much of an accomplishment it was! Now I can’t help but to be proud knowing that 8Ks are a “normal” thing for me during my weekly runs. Wow, how far I’ve come!

messa 8k

Wow… 22? As I am coming up on my 29th birthday this kind of hits hard. But it’s refreshing to know I am in better shape now than back then. Fingers crossed, I’m aiming to cut off 10 minutes from this time.

Because Active.com rocks, I was able to find my 2007 race time. Back then LiftingRevolution wasn’t even a thought so no race cap is around to remind me of the course. All I remember is that it was freaking freezing… like 28-degrees cold (I remember sitting in my car with the plan to wait until the very last minute to get out).

Well, it seems I just don’t have great luck with this particular race because even though it’s not going to be freezing, it is going to be rainy and windy.


Preparing For A Rainy Race

To be honest, I am not preparing at all. I did hop on Google today with the goal of searching for rainy race tips, but luckily it didn’t take long to find something.

SkinnyRunner had “How to run in the rain and survive” as her post today. In fact, I never actually even made it to Google because I was just going through my blog reader. It was as if she knew I needed some guidance!

Thanks SR!

Basically, my tactic is this:

The temperature should be around 60-degrees which makes me feel a lot better about this whole wet situation. So, I’ll toss on my shorts and layer up a tank and a wisking long sleeve top, probably my new Ellie one (more on that in a later post).

ellie thumbhole top

And I’ll suck up the rain… I don’t think I’ll melt. Who knows.

I am bummed that Dan won’t be able to make it. He wanted to be there to take some pictures for you guys but he is more protective of his camera than if he had a kid. Seriously. So he will not be taking it out of the house and risking damp air getting close to it. I don’t blame him, that thing is the shiznick.

So there you have it, my plan… or should I say unplan for the race.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Oh, and Project Pegan kicks off race day morning! I’ll be eating a coconut flour pancake, something else I am a bit nervous about because let’s face it… you’re not suppose to change your race day meal! But oatmeal is out and coconut is the cool thing in my life now. 

I’ll be back to let you now how it goes!

Have you ever run in the rain? 


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