Sharing Is Caring: The Best Raspberry Peanut Butter Recipe Ever

You may have seen this on Facebook last week:

raspberry nut butter

And just to clarify: it’s the best peanut butter I’ve made thus far in my peanut making journey.

But first a quick friendly shout out…

It’s Friday! And a special Friday at that.

My friend/training partner Amanda is finally back in Charleston. After a summer of travel, she has made her way back to the hot, humid South, though surprisingly it’s not all that hot.

To celebrate, we’re planning a special dinner (it was her birthday last week so it’s a double celebration) which will, of course, include cake!

cake birthday

Love planning dinners for friends.

Welcome Home Amanda, and Happy Birthday!!

Back to talking about nuts… 

I’ve been making our own peanut butter for about 2 months now. It saves money and I’ve had a great time experimenting with different flavors. If only I could get the blender to clean itself then I would really love it!

peanut butter

I love how one week I can get a very creamy, smooth peanut butter creation, while the next week I think I’ve done everything right, will come out dry and almost clay-like. Not that it stops me from jarring it and using it.

But this one turned out perfect. Creamy, slightly salty, slightly sweet, and slightly flavorful of something other than peanuts.

Dan had asked if I could make raspberry peanut butter, at first I thought he was crazy (who eats raspberry peanut butter?). Then, I thought he gave me an impossible task.

The first time I tried, it turned out so dry I actually did have to toss the results away. I was worried even for the Vitamix’s life. The second time came out better but still not quite there.

Third time, I got it.

Homemade Raspberry Peanut Butter

raspberry peanut butter

You’ll see that I used grape seed oil. This is because when you mix in ingredients, it changes the butter’s oil and dries it out.

Grape seed oil doesn’t have flavor so it doesn’t change the taste of the overall peanut butter. I’m sure you can also use peanut oil.


– 2.5 Cups unsalted peanuts (I have found that Planters & Trader Joe’s work the best)

– 1/2 tsp Sea salt

– 1/4 Cup All-natural Raspberry Jam (If you want a strong taste of raspberry you may want to use 1/2 cup)

– 1/4 Cup Grape seed Oil


Pre-warning: Make sure you have a good food processor or blender.

1. Blend the salt and peanut butter on high until it begins to butter (you’ll hear it making a different sound as it’s being processed).

2. It is okay if you have to stop to scrape the sides to keep it going.

3. Add in the jam and 1 tbsp of oil. Continue to blend for 1 more minute. Add in oil as you see fit. You may not have to use it all depending on the quality of the peanuts.

4. Once it’s all incorporated and smooth, pour into a jar and enjoy.

What I love the most about this peanut butter is that the raspberry is quite subtle. You can taste a hint of “fruit” but the integrity of the peanut butter is still intact.

Do you have a favorite nut butter flavor?
Anything you would like to see created?

My favorite is coconut peanut butter, but I also love honey flavored.


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