Most New Year weight loss resolutions are all about what should I stop doing so I can lose weight. Things like…

  • Stop eating the junk food
  • Get rid of all the junk food from my pantry
  • Stop watching TV for an extra hour a night
  • Stop going out to eat for every lunch during work
  • Etc…

You get the point.

This year, rather than STOPPING things, let’s START things. It’s a complete mindset shift and it might be the secret sauce to help increase your chances of actually losing weight. And keeping it off!

Here Are My Top 5 Things To Start This New Year:

1. Start Eating More Vegetables

I have a new report coming out very soon that is all about the rise of veggie nation and very practical ways you can start to eat more vegetables. I’ll send an email out soon so you can see that in a few days.

When it comes to eating more veggies, just pick one type and try to add that into your diet each week. It could be kale for week 1. Learn the recipes that use kale and add it in.

Then you can add in broccoli on week 2. Get creative with how you can eat broccoli. Continue the process. I bet you’ll actually have a lot of fun thinking of the best ways to add more veggies to your diet.

2. Start Exercising Once a Week

This is a classic START goal, but rather than go all into a program, start slow. Start with just one day of exercise for week 1. Then in week 2 and 3 add one more day for a total of two exercise days. Finally in week 4 add in the last 3rd day.

Three days a week is all you need to look incredible and get all the huge benefits of exercise. Make sure you don’t think of exercise as taking away time from your day.

You’ll feel so great through exercise that you’ll create more time (I’ve seen this happen too many times to tell). If you want a great program, try Torched In 20. It’s perfect for getting started and it progresses you quickly and safely.

3. Start Eating Together As A Family

There are so many benefits of doing this. It not only is great socially for your family, but kids and adults tend to eat healthier when they eat together. Depending on the age of your kids, or the willingness of your husband, you can even cook together.

Start by trying to eat together just one day a week. Then by the end of a month, add in two days a week. You’ll love it and you’ll notice it doesn’t interrupt your evening like you may think.

4. Start Being More Positive About Change

Change can be scary because it’s the unknown. We usually fear the unknown and that is one reason why losing weight can be so hard.

However, this year, start by being more positive each morning with your workouts, with eating healthy, with going through your day. The change in attitude will make you feel so much better and you’ll keep your goals much better too.

The best way to instantly feel more positive is to force a smile on your face. A big smile. Try it… you’ll feel better.

5. Start Having Out With Like Minded Women

Nothing can drain your energy both physically and emotionally like a debby downer. If your friends are making it really hard to lose weight, then add some friends that are into healthy living to your life.

You can use the Internet like interacting on Lifting Revolution. Or get some friends together and make a commitment to help together. When you hang out with like minded women, you’ll stick to your goals and have a great layer of accountability.

Start Adding More To Your Life And Love The Changes

Start by adding this year. Keep in the positive frame of mind and watch what happens.

The best thing about this is you can do a test for 30 days. Try these things and see if they stick with you. You might be surprised.

Let me know what you think and make sure you subscribe to the blog. It’s going to be an amazing journey when you join me here. Plus you’ll get the Veggie Report as soon as it’s released.