Real Life Issues: Suffering From Tomorrow Disease?

Last week I brought up the under diagnosed Sitting Disease, today I want to talk about something equally damaging.

It’s an illness that doesn’t have a commercial. You won’t see pretty people holding hands talking about their medications that have come to the rescue (only to cause 1000 other crazy side affects). And you will never walk out of the doctor’s office holding a prescription for your diagnosis.

But it’s a real disease. A disease that holds us back. Breaks us down. Deflates us. Keeps up feeling trapped, insecure, and out of the game.

Sounds like a case of mono, right?

It’s not… it’s worst. 


The Tomorrow Disease

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ve suffered from this disease for years, and continue to catch the bug much more often than a cold or flu.

What is Tomorrow Disease? It’s an illness that pushes what you need or want off another day.

“Oh, I will start that project tomorrow.”

“Looks like a killer workout, I’ll do it tomorrow.” 

“I want to cut back on wine and caffeine.. I’ll start tomorrow.” 

Anything sound familiar?

What happens is that for many of us, “tomorrow” never comes. It’s simply leads to personal hope. By having the ability to put off goals and challenges for one more day means we haven’t given up, we just don’t want to do it right now.


Well, guess what?

Right now is all we have.

Like I mentioned last week… yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Each day you push your goals off, is another day wasted. Time taken for granted.

The 5 Steps To Recover From Tomorrow Disease

1 —> The first step to recovery is recognition and acceptance. 

Recognize that you have a case of Tomorrow Disease. Take a breath, push out feelings of guilt or disappointment, and then continue with your recovery plan…

2 —> List out what you’re pushing off. 

What is is that you keep holding off on? What goals do you have but you are too nervous, scared, or even too excited (yes excitement can freeze you in place too) to start on? Write them down, acknowledge them.

And then ask yourself…

3 —> Why are you hesitating? 

What about your goals has you stuck looking like a deer in headlights? Are you afraid of failure? Are you worried what will happen if you actually do succeed? Are you not really ready for change?

Here’s an example… a lot of people hold of dieting because they just don’t want to change their food. They’re nervous about sticking to a healthy nutrition plan, and the thought of waking up an eating differently has them pushing their weight loss goals off until Monday. On Monday I’ll start. Oh, I messed up… I’ll get back on track next Monday.

Think about your fears, even write them out. You’ll feel 100x better and a lot more confident if you do!


4 —> What do you need to do? 

You have some homework in today’s post… big deal. This is lifework at it’s finest!

After you see what you need to do, and after you have pushed your fears and doubts aside, write out a plan.

How can you accomplish your goal and how can you take action in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Even if it’s a small step, take action every day to keep your momentum moving forward.

You wouldn’t go on a road trip without directions right? So why would you attempt to go through life without some?

5 —> You control the disease, the disease doesn’t control you. 

You’ll find yourself coming down with Tomorrow Disease again. It’s not like the chicken pox where one time and you’re done.

But know that you have the diagnosis you know what to look for, right?


You know that the next time you begin to utter those words… “I’ll start that tomorrow.” You can stop and ask yourself, will you really start tomorrow? Or is there something I can do right now to help move forward? 

You have the power, you have control, and you have the confidence to stand up against the disease!

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Why I Started A Week Early

I haven’t mentioned it, and to be honest I thought about not talking about this at all until the 21 days were up. But what the heck.

Jeanette came to me about 2 weeks ago and said she was thinking about doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet.


Never one to leave my friends without motivation and accountability, I told her I would do it with her. While I don’t love “diets” I do try to dabble in what’s trending so that when clients ask I can tell them my honest opinion.

So starting Feb 1st, we were scheduled to kick off our 21 day journey.

Except we started this past Monday.

Why? Because why not!? We were both mentally ready, had it all planned out, and to be honest the sooner we started, the sooner it would be over. That’s the great thing about taking immediate action! Sooner means sooner results!

21 days without wine is 21 days of torture, after all!

On top of that, I felt the Tomorrow Disease, the classic let’s start at the beginning of the month. I didn’t like it. And so here we are, 3 days in and going strong.

What is the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet you may be wondering? 

Basically, it’s 21 days of vegetables, fat, meat, and limited fruits. No sugar, alcohol, grains, or sweetened coffees.

This challenge would have been impossible if I were still vegan. But luckily I’m not, though I am sure I will get pretty tired of my limited animal selection (fish, eggs, venison).

What My Day Looked Like Yesterday

I won’t be talking much about this challenge during the 21 days, but I will make sure to write a recap at the end.

But this is what my day looked like yesterday with food and it’s likely going to look similar from here on out. If you’re interested in more information, don’t hesitate to ask!

Pre Breakfast (5:15am) Yogi Ginger Tea (while teaching boot camp) This stuff is so good!

Breakfast (7:15am) Vegetable Omelet and 1/2 Granny Smith apple. Black coffee.

Lunch (12:30pm): Salad at Verde with hard boiled eggs in place of chicken and drizzled with red wine vinegar & olive oil.

Snack (3:15pm) Protein shake with Basic Greens (our newest greens we are loving), almond milk, ice and nut butter

Dinner (7:45pm) Pesto bowl of roasted broccoli, tuna, and split peas

Q: Have you ever had Tomorrow Disease? 

Q: If you were to do a detox what would be the hardest thing to give up for a limited time?  

For me, my weekend wine will be a challenge. Luckily, Dan is a supporter and not one to pusher. He’s upset that I won’t be making weekend sweet treats for 3 weeks.


  • My swim coach told me to consider 21 days no sugar. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes for you. I’m lacking in determination for it right now. I’m not sure if I suffer from “tomorrow” I do tend to set long range goals (aka, I’d like to do a half ironman….in about 5-10 years) But at the same time, I’m training to complete my first triathlon right now. So I am taking the steps to get there!

    • I will let you know how it goes. That is taking steps in the right direction! Awesome.

  • Kim

    I love this about the Tomorrow Disease!! I find myself pushing things off way more than I should. I need to remember these steps and just get stuff done because it is never tomorrow!!!

  • Jeanette F

    I’m loving this diet. Bacon wrapped chicken thighs? Yes please. Zucchini spaghetti sauteed in full fat grass fed butter? Better than any pasta I could imagine. Butternut squash puree (again with butter) OMG! It’s kind of fun to eat all the stuff that has been ‘taboo’ for so long like full fat dairy. Feeling great so far. I’m not even counting the days until it’s over.

    • Haha,nice. I can’t say the same. Dinner wasn’t so great tonight and during these cold nights I would have loved a glass of red wine. But sugar wise, no cravings!

  • Thanks for the article! I definitely know of a few people who suffer from this “tomorrow disease.” The root cause is that they’re afraid to change or that their desire to get healthy isn’t strong enough that they’ll consider change.

    • Fear of change is def a cause! I think we all suffer from time to time. Change and pure laziness… that’s why my car has remained dirty for months now. lol

  • great tips! i think giving up nut butters would be hardest for me (if i ever had to!)

    • Me too! Luckily I don’t this time around.

  • With all my food allergies, I’ve had to give up everything from one time or another. I’ve learned I can be content with just about anything! lol
    I do suffer from tomorrow disease…. but I’m working on it! I mostly do it with petty things– like updating my blog or cleaning out my car trunk! lol

    • Yes, I keep thinking it’s just 21 days! My car has been a task for months now!

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