Real Ways Real Women Can Burn 300 Calories

I recently came across a fit fact saying that a 130 pound woman can burn 300 calories in just thirty minutes by doing the butterfly stroke… that is all great, but seriously most women can not possibly do this. That’s why I wanted to share with you real ways to help you and other women burn 300 calories without looking like a seizing dolphin (I never mastered this stroke).

Weight Training. Yes, I admit that the act of lifting weights isn’t going to burn three hundred calories. In fact, if you do a a vigorous lifting workout for thirty minutes you are more likely to burn around 180 calories BUT… the great thing about lifting is that the calorie burn isn’t over when you walk out the door. Your metabolism stays spiked for the next 24-48 hours in order to help your muscles recover. So that means that you won’t burn 300 calories on the spot, but over the next few days your metabolism will be on overdrive and the overall burn will by fat meet expectations!

burn 300 calories

Grab some weights!

The trick with burning the most amount of calories when it comes to lifting is to dbigger exercises. Moves like squat to press, lunge walks, push-ups are great moves that work several big muscle groups at once… that means more of a workout. Make sure to avoid the free weight machines if you’re serious about toning and tightening and losing fat!

And here’s a fun fact… for each pound of sexy, lean muscle you add to your body, your resting metabolism will increase to burn an extra 50 calories per day just to upkeep your muscles!

Circuit Workout: I love circuits! They are a combo of strength training meets cardio where you get the benefits from both! Most circuits are a list of exercises where you move from one to the next with little or no rest. You can do a set number of reps or go for a specific time. For example 1 minute to do as many push-ups as possible, then straight to lunges. 45 minutes will get you your 300 calories easy! And if you go intense and fast enough from move to move it can be done in 30!

Running. I am not a big fan of steady state cardio, but the point is to show ways to burn 300 calories and this will do that! Running at a pace of 6.7 mph of thirty minutes will burn around 320 calories for a 130 pound woman. Just keep in mind that running is great for cardio but should not make up the entire workout plan… if that is too intense (it’s pretty fast) you burn 300 calories in around 45 minutes at running 5 mph or a 12 minute mile.

Swimming: Free Style. I am avoiding all strokes but the freestyle. In 45 minutes expect to burn your calories off! But it’s going at a steady fast pace the entire time.

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