Reasons Why I Work Out

I’m sure everyone thinks my number one reason is to look good and have a great body. While this is certainly an added bonus to working out it is not my first and foremost motivation.

I hate to focus on what I look like on the outside instead of what I feel like on the inside. Even after the most butt kicking workout I still look in the mirror and wish my butt was smaller, or my arms longer and leaner.

If I were to constantly focus on my the outside I would forever feel inadequate. Instead I love how I feel like I can take on the world after a work out, or know what my body just accomplished.

  • The reasons why I work out are to keep up with the athletes that I coach and teach them that fitness and pride in one’s body is a lifelong journey.
  • I work out for me time. I have an hour or more to focus on me and listen to whatever silly music I want or tv show.
  • I work out so I can play–anything, tennis, beach volleyball, tag football, a pick-up soccer game.
  • I work out to have more energy and make healthier choices throughout the day.
  • I work out so I can one day play as long as I want with my kids and grandkids.

I may never be a size 2 but in the end feeling good about yourself is more important then what size your jeans are.

Make your motivational work out list and hang it up wherever you will see it to remind yourself all the reasons it’s important for you to get to the gym!


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