Recipe Round-up: 10 Delicious Recipes To Help You Achieve Superwoman Status With Your Workouts

TGIF Friends.

I hope you had a great week and have an amazing weekend planned.

Get out, enjoy some sunshine, get some Vitamin D, and relax a little.

To end our fitness performance nutrition chat, let’s get some new foodspiration.


Yes! Some amazing and of course delicious recipe ideas from around the world wide web.

We now know that coffee and beets are great for giving us an extra boost (and if you didn’t know, just click on them to learn more!) but…

Just a cup of joe sounds so borrrrring. No?

And beet juice sounds awesome but, really? Isn’t there something else we can do to help those beets make us run faster and farther?



Let’s start with coffee…

5 Amazing Coffee Recipes

Dirty Chai Protein Shake – via ThrivePersonalFitness 
Java Crunch Protein Bark – via CotterCrunch
Cherry Cocoa Mocha Muffins – via HealthyHelperBlog


Rise & Shine Skinny Coffee Smoothie – via InKatrinasKitchen 


If you have any amazing caffeinated snacks, shakes, or beverages…

Share below!

5 Beetastic Recipes



Winter Caprese Beet Noodle Pasta – via LeanGreenBean



Sweet Beet Smoothie – via TheFitFork


Check out these recipes, I will be trying Lindsay’s beet pasta this weekend when I get my new veggie spiralizer!

All images are from their respectful bloggers! Make sure you check them out to see what other amazing recipes they have to offer.

Question time…

What’s your coffee order when you go to a cafe?

Mine goes like this… “I’ll have a small iced latte, almond milk, extra shot and 1 pump of ______ (whatever I’m in the mood for). ”



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