Restaurante Boyle Opened For Birthdays Only

Happy last Saturday of 2012! I went to bed all pumped to wake up early and get a great run in before the craziness of our day, however at 5am rain was coming down and after a short internal dialogue I decided to stay sleeping.

Finally my conscious got the better of me (hate when that happens) because I couldn’t settle for calling off the run. Instead of 12 miles, I ended up doing 6.5 but super fast. So I was proud of myself… considering I wanted to do zero. I’ll finish the other 5.5 tomorrow morning.

El Restaurante Boyle’

I guess I was so tired because I was busy running a restaurant last night.

For Dan’s birthday, I kicked him out of the house (twice in a week?) to go get a massage while I set up his birthday surprise.

(Side note: I received a new camera for Christmas, so Dan and I had a picture contest last night. His Canon DSLR against my new Canon digital. That’s why some pictures look different than others, I pulled the best from each. We also played with new settings which is why the light is yellow… it captured the candlelight).

When he got home, there was a lovely sign on the door and he was introduced to “El Restaurante Boyle”.

Since we live in a condo, I took the sign down pretty quickly so our neighbor wouldn’t think we were losing our minds.

Then he was treated to a 4 course  meal, just as if we had gone out (which is what we normally do, but he wanted a low key at home dinner).

First course, the meal started with rye bread and a balsamic seasoned dip.

The seasonings and vinegar had been a Christmas gift and I was excited to try them out. Both ended up delicious!

Second course… Salad topped with cashew cheese, local tomatoes and kalamate olives with a balsamic drizzle.

So fancy sounding, right?

Third course… Entree. Dan requested a bison steak. So I picked up a sirloin for him

And a portabella for me.

Sprinkled each with herbs, seared them on the stove and finished them off in the oven at 350. Then I topped them with homemade roasted garlic and olive tapenade.

Served with steamed asparagus and mashed parsnips/potatoes.

Those parsnips were amazing! So smooth and fresh tasting!

And last but not least

Fourth course… dessert. Again by request, we enjoyed vegan chocolate lava cakes!


These were better than my original recipe. So good! The chocolate just oozed out and was awesome. Just the right amount of richness.

Nike wanted some too… Sorry Kitty

And of course during the course of the meal, the wine was freely being poured. After all, less than 5 days until we give it up for 30 days! Ahhh, we gotta get our wino-fix over the next few days.

The rest of the evening was spent


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