Ridiculously Honest Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

I know it’s only Wednesday and you’re expecting a podcast, but I’m changing things up this week.

You see, I had the opportunity to interview Dilia from The Thin Woman’s Brain just last night and I don’t want to put off sharing it until next week since she was the topic of conversation in last week’s podcast. It’s still fresh in our brains, right?

So to expedite our chat, her podcast will be up tomorrow. I can’t wait to share it with you!
And because of that, today I am confessing early.

If you are new to Lifting Revolution, each month I share 10 confessions with you. 10 confessions that sometimes are embarrassing, sometimes funny, but always sincere. It doesn’t matter that I am a personal trainer, because really I am just like you. I have weaknesses, temptations and issues too!

To catch up, here are the previous confessions:

confessions of a personal trainer

Ridiculously Honest Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

1. So there is no new trail?? 

uphill hot top race

Saturday, Dan surprised me big time.

On our way to what I thought was a new trail for us to run, ended with a trip to Urban Nirvana for an amazing massage. I was blown away and very happy, yet at the same time while I was laying on the bed, I kept wondering to myself… “wait, there is no new trail?”

I had been pretty excited to hit the a new trail for a morning run and even though the massage was amazing, I was a bit upset that the new trail wasn’t real.

I felt guilty for having those thoughts, but I also knew that…

2. I haven’t run 2 consecutive miles in over 10 days. 


The Palmetto 200 killed me! At first, I just wanted to take a few days off to rest. One day of no running led to another day, which led to another day. I’ve got absolutely zero desire to run anything over a mile.

But I know I need to get my cardio in, so I have had a few days where I’ve run a mile then did some exercises, run a mile, did some more moves, and finished off with one more mile.

But as for consecutive miles? I’m not sure when I’ll have the motivation/willpower to make that happen.

And I’m fine with that.

3. I baked my own birthday cake.


I’m not sure if baking your own birthday cake is allowed but I like to brake rules.

Dan had originally wanted to get a Dairy Queen birthday cake since I had never had one. But at the last minute I told him not to worry about it because I had a new baking idea that I wanted to test.

Really, I wanted to bake my own cake because I wanted to know what went into it. The weekend had already be indulgent enough with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. I didn’t want to go too crazy. My health addict side took control but luckily it worked out for the best.

The cake turned out amazing and it was just the icing on the cake to know there weren’t any weird ingredients or even added sugar! Dan even said he enjoyed the homemade version more than if we had Dairy Queen. Guilt may have been the reason but it was totally worth it!

4. It hurts to sit on a toilet.


Each week I film at least 1 workout for Fit Womens Weekly. Lately though, I’ve been having to film 2-3 for a new program we’re going to be offering. I try not to film more than one workout at a time but it doesn’t always workout like that.

On Sunday, my birthday, I filmed 2 workouts with just a 5 minute break in between them.

It’s now 3 days later and I can still barely sit down and stand up. Just going to the bathroom is a pain in the butt!

Being sore is great, but waking up during the night because your butt hurts to roll over really sucks.

5. I’m going to eat it all anyways…

edible flowers cake toppers

Some people (like my husband) can have a bag of candy sitting right in front of them or a fresh baked cake and have it last for days. Just enjoying a single piece each day.

Not me… I see that candy/cake/food and say to myself, “I’m going to eat it all eventually, I might as well eat it all now so I don’t have to be tempted by it.”

And that’s what I do. That’s just one reason I don’t keep bags of candy in the house, why I don’t make large batches of cookies or sweets, and why I keep food within arms reach while I’m working.

6. I’m tracking calories.


**This is NOT my dairy post, just an example**

Not long ago I told you guys that I had gained 8-pounds.

Well, now I have officially gained the 10 pounds that I set out for and I couldn’t be happier. I set a goal, and I reached it. Now that I’ve added the muscle, it’s time to remove the fat that I added as well. There isn’t a lot but I do have a few fluffy (vanity) pounds that I want to get rid of to feel 100% comfortable.

So, this week I started practicing what I preach… using MyFitnessPal.

Even trainers need to track. I can’t just rely on mental math to keep me on a path of success!

7. I sweat like a man and wear men’s deodorant.


Working out with friends is the best!

Who ever said that women didn’t sweat, they glisten is a BIG fat liar.

I sweat like a 300 pound man, and I am proud of it! Somehow society has made it seem as if sweating during a workout is an embarrassing issue. It’s not!

Actually, I noticed my sweating habits changed about 3 years ago… I suddenly started to sweat more. After some research, I found that sweating is a sign of being in shape. It means the body is efficient at cooling you down. So the next time you sweat, think about that! Pride yourself on your body’s abilities.

And make sure to wear good deodorant. I wear Old Spice because it’s the only thing that is strong enough. Dove, what I used to wear, just doesn’t cut it.

8. I give my Easter candy to the bachelor next door.


I can’t believe Easter is almost here! Each year my mom used to give us a kick ass Easter basket filled with all sorts of goodies. We’re talking jelly beans, Cadbury Eggs, Reeses, Peeps, M&Ms, and then specialty stuff like almonds, teas, coffees, oils, etc.

And for the past 5 years, I’ve been taking all of that candy, putting into a gallon size ZipLock bag (the only size that will hold it all) and giving it to our neighbor. Why? Because see above! 

I think our days of baskets are over though so this year Cory won’t be receiving his annual goodie bag.

9. I LOVE Cadbury Eggs

Speaking of Easter, I love Cadbury Creme Eggs. Call me crazy but they are delicious.

As kids my brother and I used to steal them from each other’s baskets until my mom finally decided to end the madness and give us each an entire box of them which is what has continued into our adult hood.

An entire box! And yes, I can eat an entire box (which has 4 eggs) in a single day. I’m not proud of this.

Each egg? That’s 150 calories; 20g of sugar… so a box would be 600 calories and 80g of sugar.

10. I need a personal trainer.


Just because I train others doesn’t mean I am great at training myself. In fact, I recommend that all personal trainers have a trainer of their own.

I’m just lucky enough that I am married to a personal trainer and a guy that doesn’t hold back on what he thinks. Without having a trainer, I know I would slack off from time to time and probably would find it way to easy to make excuses.

I might not always receive his training well, but I do take it to heart and use it to motivate me!

Now it’s your turn…

Confess something to me!

What’s your favorite Easter candy?


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