Saucony Triumph 10 Shoe Review & Big, HUGE Reveal

I have a secret and I have a shoe review… what should come first?

I know, neither! Happy Monday! Who’s ready for Halloween? Now this girl! I had the biggest holiday fail ever yesterday. When I got home from Savannah, I needed to run to Walmart (I hate Walmart) to pick up things for my “Zombie Apocolypse Spooktacular Boot Camp” workout! Now that’s a mouthful.

On the top of my list was of course pumpkins, except that Wally World was already out. What?  So I ran up the street to the grocery store… they were out too. My last option was Home Depot, they were out too… of conventional pumpkins. All they had left were “pink pumpkins” and they had slim pickings.

That’s how these two aweful things ended up at my house. Lesson learned: don’t wait until 3 days before a holiday to buy decorations.

Anywho, more on the Halloween workout later (don’t want to ruin the surprise for my boot campers after all).

So let’s jump to my next favorite thing, after holidays: SHOES!

I knew that after the Myrtle Half Marathon that I would need a new pair of running shoes. My Mizunos were awesome and I loved them but they definitely had gotten their fair share of miles.

I had contemplated getting the same pair of Mizunos but Saucony approached me asking if I would like to give their Triumph 10’s a try.

The Saucony Triumph was designed for a neutral runner and since that is what I am, I decided to give them a go.

When they came to my doorstep the first thing out of Dan’s mouth was…

“It looks like ANOTHER pair of workout shoes. How many do you need?”

Oh dear husband, lots. Sure, I have “workout shoes” but I only keep 1 really good pair of running shoes around.

When I unpacked them, I immediately loved the look. I have mentioned in the past that as much as I love my Mizuno’s they don’t really express my shoe personality. The Saucony’s at least are on the right track.

Next was the feel test. I have very narrow feet and the Saucony’s are a bit wider than I was used to. The mesh lining is very comfortable ad breathable but I do with they were a tad bit more narrow. But again, I have abnormally narrow feet so for most neutral runners, I think they would be fine.

“Saucony made some big changes when they introduced the Triumph 9, and the Triumph 10 is more of an evolution than a groundbreaking new model. It stays plenty light for the features it offers, and retains the 8mm offset introduced on the Triumph 9. PowerGrid cushioning also remains for maximum shock absorption.” –Runner’s Warehouse

When I put them on I could tell a slight difference, mostly because of the offset. They are an 8mm offset while the Mizuno’s had a 10mm. And yes, I could tell that 2 mm made a difference. So much so that I am not willing to just lace them up and hit the roads for a 10 miler.

I decided to start small, and give them a go for a 3.5 mile run.

To be honest, they did awesome. They are a bit less bendy than my previous shoes but just in a way I felt I had to wear them in. I had no knee, hip or shin issues (knock on wood) after wearing them for 3 runs and I am excited to start training with them.

I had a pair of Saucony’s a few years back and it feels nice to have them back in my life. If anything should change though I will be back in a pair of Mizuno’s for sure.

Just if you’re curious they go for around $130 and will be available in November… just days away!

  • What’s your favorite running shoe brand? 

Time For A Revelation

Now for the BIG news! Are you ready?

I have decided on my next challenge. I have signed up for the Charleston 1/2 Marathon, January 18th! This is still a relatively new race, but being that it takes place on my stomping ground means I would be silly to pass it up!

So let the training begin continue!

On December 1st, I will be racing in the Reindeer Run with Dan and several of my boot campers!

Right now I want to concentrate on my speed and stamina which is why I will be adding a few more 5Ks in there as well. Spice things up!

If you’re in Charleston around that time and want to race with me, I would love the company! 🙂


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