See How Freaking Pull-ups Can Make You Look Incredible

I was reading through my new Oxygen magazine the other day and one of the back stories was on fitness competitor and model Crystal West. This girl is freaking amazing… she is the queen of pull-ups and her body shows just how incredible pull-ups can make your entire body.

She is in the works of trying to break the world record for the number of pull-ups performed without stopping, she only was 5 off the last try! So what’s the world record pull-up set? 345! She got to 340 and had to break, but come on, most women can barely do 1 pull-up.

How Many Pull-ups Does Crystal West Do In A Workout?

Good question, at the time the magazine was published (just a few weeks ago) Crystal had gotten up to over 1200 in just 80 minutes! I don’t know about you but after seeing her body it makes me want to try a full pull-up based workout. Maybe that’s what has been stopping me from getting results like these (well, and probably the wine I like to drink on weekends).

Your Woman’s Pull-up Challenge For The Week

I have a challenge for you… next time you’re at the gym hop over to the pull-up bar and try it out. How many can you get up to? I haven’t tried it to failure in a while so I will give it a go too… one thing is certain my ass sure as hell isn’t going to get to 1200 but maybe at least 12!

Check Her Out In Action:

To learn more about Crystal West, Check out her website-


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