Self Experimentation: The 10-12 Hour Eating Window

I am not new to the self experimentation bandwagon. I love testing new methods whether its exercise or nutrition.

I love being able to talk with friends and clients about what works FOR ME and what doesn’t. And I don’t know those things unless I try them. Right?

There are so many methods and theories floating about in the health world, that I could probably experiment with a new nutrition program every month for the rest of my life.

But trust me… I’m not that crazy.

So what’s the new experiment?

Starting yesterday, I’m testing out Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s idea of 10-12 hour restricted eating.

This idea is based on our body’s natural circadian rhythm. Once we put anything other than water into our bodies, our hormones wake up and remain active for 10-12 hours of the day.

How is this different than a traditional fast?

Most fasting is done where you don’t eat for a certain amount of time from your last meal of the day to your first meal the following morning. Also, many people drink black coffee or tea while still fasting. With time restricted eating, I can start eating at whatever time I want, but I have to be done eating within 12 hours of breakfast, and the only thing that can be ingested prior to the clock starting is water.

Make sense?

Why would I do such a thing?

Apparently, it’s amazing for body composition AND endurance.
Studies have proven that following a restricted time nutrition plan,
people increase lean body mass (muscle) more easily and decrease body fat.
They also build endurance…  all because of the timing of their food.

Crazy? I don’t know but in Joe Rogan’s Podcast with Dr. Patrick, she stated a TON of research and really made it come to life. If you’re like me and love science, listen to this episode… I want this lady to be my BFF.

Dan initially introduced the idea of trying it (which he NEVER suggests nutrition changes), so I was immediately intrigued. I re-listened to the podcast, did some research of my own and decided, what the heck.

Why not? One month of experimenting won’t kill me.

But here’s the thing…

For someone who wakes up several days each week at 5am, this would mean that if I ate then, I would have my final meal at 5pm. That’s not going to happen, so for me… there is some planning involved.

Oh and I should also mentioned that you’re allowed 2 “cheat” days.

Here’s what my schedule will likely be:

Late nights at the gyms (not home until 8:45pm)

Monday/Wednesday: 1st meal at 9:30am… Final meal done by 9:30pm

Earlier nights leaving (home by 7:45pm)

Tuesday/Thursday: 1st meal at 8:15am… Final meal done by 8:15pm

Other nights:

Friday: 1st meal 7:30am… Final meal by 7:30pm… Dr Patrick does say you can go off track 2x/week. So it’s likely Friday will be one of those nights.

Saturday: Will definitely be one of my “off track” days!

Sunday: 1st meal 8:00am… final meal done by 8:00pm <— This is my IDEAL day if I could do it every day!

Starting Stats

How will I know if this form of eating will have any benefit? By tracking of course. So here are my original stats. I’m also going to take pictures along the way to see the results. I’ll post the first one today (Monday) on Instagram when I get to our studio.

Starting Body Fat: 20.4%
Starting Weight: 120.4 lbs
Starting Picture: Instagram

Are you into self experimentation?
Have you ever tried a fasting nutrition program?


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