It’s not a joke. Nor a pie in the sky (yum!) concept.

It’s the cold hard facts of how your body responds to exercise and it’s been proven over and over again. In fact we’ve talked about it many times on this blog.

However, because I seemingly get the same questions over and over again about this and talk with women that want to train “traditionally” …. I figured let’s cover it again from a different angle.

Intense – Short Bouts – Of Exercise Are Better Than Longer Sustained Routines

I ran across an article in AskMen that told a pretty cool story. Make sure to go check out their article but I’ll quickly retell it here.

A gym owner in New York, Michael Cola, loves to push his body. He would workout for a couple hours everyday. That’s pretty insane and how he kept over training at bay is pretty incredible.

However, at one point he went to the doctor for normal blood work to be done. The doctor, after looking at his blood work, asked him completely out of the blue, “Are you working out a lot?”

I can just see Michael’s face… (thought bubble) “No doc. Just look at my body. I just look awesome like this doing nothing.”

However, the doctor said his kinase levels which is a measure of waste products in his blood stream was insanely high. This is a measure (signal) of somebody experiencing a heart attack. He was not experiencing a heart attack, but it’s not good to have waste products (toxins) floating around at high levels.

So he cut his workout time from a couple hours a day to a couple hours a week and his kinase levels returned to normal.

And from what I could tell, he stayed in great shape!

What’s the moral of the story?

Short Bursts of Super Intense Workouts Work & There Awesome

Think about it. This means you get to workout less – considerably less – and bet the same if not better fat burning results.

What’s one of the top 3 excuses for not working out? I know you know and have probably used it…

“I don’t have enough time.”

Well you only need about 20 minutes with the right program. A program like Torched In 20. Hence the name… Torched In 20.

Why Do These Workouts Work So Well?

They put your body through a full range of work. From cardio where you use your oxygen system to produce energy to anaerobic work where you use shorter bursts of energy. This also means you’re using each type of muscle you have for a great workout.

A workout (again built correctly) will build lean muscle mass at the very same time as you’re making your heart pound out of your chest. That’s a cardiovascular workout too.

So for about an hour of exercise a week at the minimum, you can start shedding the pounds. Just add in some nutrition and you’ll be a fit chick in no time flat!