She Ran 100 Miles At An Avg Pace Of 8.51: Nicole Studer Podcast

Though I started increasing my milage last week, training “officially” kicked off yesterday thanks to the help of Amanda at RunToTheFinish for putting together a very doable training plan for me.

It’s no secret that I know absolutely nothing about ultra-marathons or training for one, which is why I reached out for help. I’ve also begun to really submerge myself into all things ultra with blogs, books and of course athletes.

Who knows more about ultra-distance trail running more than people that actually do it on a regular basis?

The first person I came across for inspiration (and what I hoped extra guidance) was Nicole Studer.


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Nicole is a rockstar. Just last month, she set a new American 100-mile trail record by running the Rocky Raccoon 100-Miler in 14:45:25.

In case you’re curious as to what that translates into… that’s an average pace of 8.51 per mile. For 100 MILES.

I knew I had to talk with Nicole asap, and lucky to me (and you) she was up for it!

Nicole Studer Runs 100 Milers For Fun

I think you’re really going to enjoy the podcast, even if you’re not a runner. I mean, anyone that can push themselves for 14+ hours is someone special and it’s interesting to get into the minds of those people.

Here’s a few things Nicole covered…

  • What happened to make her want to go from “normal” road racing to ultra trail running?
  • What makes running a trail for 50+ miles bearable even when doing loops?
  • How to fuel for long runs and how to stay hydrated?
  • The secrets to staying healthy, uninjured and not burnt out!
  • How to balance a full time job and hours of running <— this seems so hard!
  • Is it better to run with or without a GPS watch?
  • And more!

I’m not saying more just for the sake of it. We really did talk about so much!

Nicole Studer


Source: Nicole’s Facebook

What I love most about Nicole is how balanced she seems be with life. Working full time for a jobs loves, running smart, balancing friends and family. This girl seems to have it under control. Including her perspective. She has the talent to move on to be a sponsored pro-athlete, but doesn’t want to out of fear of adding pressure and in return making running a job instead of something she does just because she loves it.

Makes sense. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the limelight of success, but I think Nicole seems extremely humbled and true.

But I’ll let you listen in to decide for yourself!

I want to thank Nicole for her time, her training tips and support! We wish you all the best for upcoming events! Not sure about you guys, but I want to race in the Alps (gotta listen!).

Who’s an athlete you would like to interview?


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