This is a question that I do get a lot. I really don’t like this question because it deals with weight. Your weight is the absolute worst measure of weight loss success. It does nothing but make women who are doing amazing feel horrible. After all, are you trying to lose weight or tighten, tone, and create a healthy body and life?

The short answer is you should definitely not be weighing yourself everyday.

If you have to check the scale, I suggest you only weigh yourself two times a month or bi-weekly.

Here’s why this is the case:

1. Your Weight Includes Your Entire Body

Your weight includes, water, blood, bones, organs, what you just ate, what you just drank, and all the rest of your innards.

Think about that. How accurate could this possibly be when you are weighting so many things that all weight different amounts because of density.

Water being a big factor here. Water weight is so easy to lose that all initial weight loss is nothing but water. This goes for everybody, no matter what program you’re doing, what diet, what pill your taking. Even my proven programs, all initial weight loss is water.

2. Fat Weighs Less Than Muscle

This is the harsh reality. When you start a program like Fit Women’s Weekly, you are going to be building lean muscle mass. So guess what?

That number on the scale will not be going down. But who cares… why do I say that?

Because your body will be shrinking. You will be losing body fat. The only substance you actually want to lose.

Muscle weighs more than fat and it takes up a lot less room. Fat doesn’t weight that much and it takes up a lot of room. That is one reason why it’s so dangerous when you accumulate fat in your belly. It can literally poison your vital organs.

What You Should Be Doing:

My best advice is give up the scale altogether. However, I know that’s really hard. I even am drawn to the scale. Let’s face it, we are raised to look at that piece of equipment as the end all be all to our health our whole life.

Things only get worse when you’re in high school. So that is why I think checking ever two weeks is an okay time to check.

But don’t freakout if you don’t see the weight fall.

Look At Your Body Measurements:

The best measure of your success is the measurements of parts of your body:

  • Your thighs
  • Hips
  • True waist
  • Bicep
  • Neck

You know you’re doing the right thing when these get smaller. That means you’re burning body fat and building lean muscle mass. That is what you want. That will get the tight body that is full of energy and feels great.

So don’t weigh yourself everyday. If you do that, you’ll end up torturing yourself.