The Fall season is pretty much upon us. That means the weather will slowly start to creep down to the depths of winter. This also means this years flu scare will start to bubble up from the media’s unsatisfied appetite for fear and destruction.

But what really happens is a lot more people are going to just get the common cold. A simple sickness that’s pretty darn annoying.

A very common question is should you workout when you’re sick? Can it help you or will it hurt you?

A Sick Workout Is A Wasted Workout

Think about it logically for a minute.

When you’re sick, even with the commonest of colds, you’re body is in a battle. It’s trying to give all available energy to fight the bacteria and/or virus.

That’s why you feel sluggish, nasty, tired, and congested. Your body is concentrating on getting better as quickly as it can. Plus it has to still do all the other functions as well to keep you alive.

Where’s the energy for exercise?

It’s not really there. Plus if you pull out some energy from your reserves to workout, you’ll make your body weaker… possibly prolonging your cold.

It’s not worth it to workout when you’re sick.

What If You’re Just A Little Sick

However, I don’t want this to be an excuse for anybody that has just a few mild symptoms of a cold. If you have that scratching throat or a little congestion, but overall you feel pretty good… get your workout in.

In this case, it could help you.

It’s proven that exercise helps to strengthen your immune system. While I don’t do any studies, from personal experience, when I keep working out through the early parts of a coming cold, I typically make a fully recovery faster. Most of the time never actually getting a cold.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the recent workouts I was doing, but I do know it always works like that.

When You’re Sick… Heal!

So when you’re actually sick, just heal. Rest your body. If you try to workout, the intensity will be horrible anyway. You’ll just be wasting your time and hurting yourself more. Plus if you go to the gym, you could be passing around your sickness too.

Rest, eat the right foods, get better and then get back to living that fit lifestyle you normally love!