Bodyweight exercises and workouts are incredibly effective. They are prefect for burning fat and increasing strength. However, you might be at a point where you’re run out of ways to increase intensity or you want to see just how strong you can get.

That is why slow tempo bodyweight exercises and workouts can be perfect for you.

I want to show you why slow tempo workouts are so effective and how to best complete them. There are a few tricks that will help you get the most benefit from this style of workout.

What You Should Know About Slow Tempo Bodyweight Exercises

When I say slow tempo I am talking slow… 4 seconds down followed by a 4 second hold and then 4 second up. Down and up are the concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise. I have actually gone as slow as 6 seconds on the down and up with only a 2 second pause.

As you can see a workout moves really slow when you do this, but they are also a lot more intense so your muscles will not last as long.

Keep this in mind…

These slow tempos can put some pressure on your joints. This is good in that they are getting stronger, but bad if you have a weak joint. Form is going to be vital because you don’t want abnormal stress on a joint for a long period of time.

Here’s How You Will Put A Slow Temp Bodyweight Workout Together

1. Pick a Tempo

Let’s go with a 4 2 4 which means you will do 4 seconds down, 2 seconds for a hold, and then 4 seconds up. This is pretty slow and it really helps if you have a trainer or interval timer to help you count.

You will automatically want to count faster because you’ll be straining and you just want it over with.

Play around with tempos… other options could be 6 1 6, 5 2 5, 3 3 3, etc…

2. Go To Failure

The goal for this style of workout is failure which will cause your muscles to have a response… adding new muscle fibers. That’s great as it increases your metabolic efficiency.

This is why I suggest you try 3 sets, each set to failure.

It sounds like a lot but you’ll quickly fatigue and that last set will probably only be one or two reps maximum.

Plus slowing down your tempo will push you to failure a lot faster than doing a more “standard” tempo. It’s fun to go through this as you feel like GI Jane or something.

3. Get Rest

A slow tempo workout like this will be a lot more stressful on your body. This means you need to rest on two levels.

During the workout, you need to rest after each set for a good 2 minutes at least… even up to 3 minutes. You’ll find you’ll need it and it will also be hard to work toward this intensity if you’re new to this style of working out. Build up to it.

You will also need your rest on your off days. Since the intensity is so much more, your body will need more time to strengthen itself. So really focus on resting. You can do small intervals or light jogs on your off days just to get up and move around. Even better get the kids or your husband out and play some frisbee or do something abnormally cool.

4. Go For 30 Days

It might get a little boring doing this style of workout for 30 days straight, but your results will be incredible.

Try your hardest to push through for 30 days and see what happens. The best way to really keep the push is to track your measurements. You should notice a tightening of your body. It’s always fun to test on your body like this and see how it responds.

Other Tips Regarding Slow Tempo Bodyweight Workouts

1. Work on Nutrition

Remember to keep your food intake high. You will probably need the extra fuel a little. You don’t need to add so much but definitely don’t freak out if you feel that you are more hungry during a month of training like this.

2. Slow Workouts

Again, these workouts are pretty slow and they can be really boring. I suggest you get a good book on tape to listen to. This will keep you occupied and actually make the workout fun… a good break from your day.

If you have any questions about this style of workout, let me know. If you want to do some of these workouts, look to Fit Women’s Weekly. Many of our workouts are slow tempo and another mix of great styles too.