This past weekend we got back from the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon run. You can read more about the entire experience here. It was a lot of fun and set the stage for the next race in my life.

The friend that I ran with was an ex-boot camp client and now really great friend. She lives in Washington DC and came down for the race. She didn’t train much at all, but miraculously ran an amazing half marathon finishing around an hour and fifty seven minutes. Amazing!

Her secret was to consciously smile more during the run.

How simple is that? And she attributed her smiling to being able to run the race as well as she did.

Why Can Smiling Change The Way You Exercise To Approach Life?

What was the last thing you did where you really cared about the outcome?

Whatever that event in your life was all about, you probably approached it with great concentration. You probably had an intensity about it and you thought greatly about the outcome putting pressure on yourself to perform.

I know I’ve done this to myself. I’ve placed such pressure and I feared that the outcome I wanted would not materialize that I took things way to serious. I didn’t use that intensity to enjoy the process.

Smiling helps you enjoy the process. It keeps your mind open. Here’s some points to think about when you approach living healthy and just living your life…

1. Smile When You Workout

Most women approach exercise with an attitude of, “Oh do I have to do that? I really don’t want to, but I know it’s good for me.” I call this the Eor attitude.

Change that and approach it with a smile. Even if you have to force that smile on your face, slap it on. Here’s what will happen…

  • You’ll be happier while you workout.
  • You’ll find you’re enjoying yourself more and you’ll actually push yourself harder.
  • You’ll feel healthier and fitter just because you’re happy.
  • You’ll be appreciative that you did workout right from the start rather than it being something you just have to do.
  • You’ll be more apt to make exercise a permanent part of your life.

2. Smile When You Eat Healthy

I just spoke with Dan about why people like to eat foods that always make them feel horrible. For example, Dan used to work in an office where the guys on his team would go to this same chicken wing restaurant.

They always came back feeling terrible and complaining for the rest of the day. However, each week they would go back knowing they would feel terrible. Every time Dan asked why… they couldn’t answer.

Maybe it was the attitude towards healthy eating but just think about what would happen if you ate healthy and smiled about it. Don’t sit there eating healthy wish you were eating non-healthy.

When you smile while eating healthy you just might find…

  • You enjoy the actual act of eating.
  • You enjoy the taste and freshness that comes with healthy foods.
  • You enjoy the great feeling of eating healthy and how it gives you energy, not saps it from you.
  • You feel more confident about your body because you know your eating the right things.
  • That simple smile might actually make you want to learn more about healthy eating.

3. Smile Throughout Your Day

Smiling Through It All

You don’t want to be healthy just to be healthy. You want to be healthy because it will make your life easier. A smile can do the same thing… make your life and your challenges easier.

Again… force that smile on your face and you’ll do what you need to do and do it with a great attitude. You can’t help but feel the affects of that smile when you have one on, even if it’s forced.

  • Smiling will help you think more creative and freely.
  • Smiling will give you more energy to put into your challenges.
  • Smiling will increase your enjoyment of each task where prior you may have hated everything.
  • Smiling will attract more people around you to help and support you.
  • Smiling will give you great fulfillment for your day.

Can A Simple Smile Be This Powerful?

I think a simple smile can be that powerful and more. It’s such a simple concept, I think we don’t really consider it as powerful as it is. Try it out for a few days and see what happens.

Just splay a smile on your face, even if you’re facing tough challenges. Who knows, you’ll probably find you solve them faster and with a lot better results.

Do you have any smiling stories?