Sometimes You Have To Fall And It Will Hurt

Happy Sunday!

This morning started a bit earlier than normal.  I tried a new yoga class at my favorite studio, Yoga House Of Charleston. PowerHouse Conditioning was a blast! It wasn’t yoga in the traditional sense but was a combination of intense strength training, movement, and flexibility.


It reminded me a lot of boot camp, but since I am always on the teaching side, it was a treat to be able to “just do”.

Our small class of 6 consisted of some really great ladies, and we had an awesome time trying all sorts of unique moves that our instructor, Fernando threw at us.

Partner planks to sit-ups… why not?


Fernando from their class last week doing partner plank-to-sirups. One person lays on the ground, the other gets in a plank on top. The bottom person does a sit-up while the top person drives  their hips forward into an “L”. Then back to start and repeat. Yup, we did this!

For me personally, I didn’t walk out feeling as if I burned 600 calories, but I did walk away feeling great for getting some extra movement in on an early morning Sunday!

Can’t wait for next weekend! Thanks Fernando.

Speaking of yoga…

I fell last week. Hard.

Falling Is A Requirement Of Life

We were practicing forearm inversions with the help of a block and a strap (to help with hand positioning). I kicked up and was blown away that I was holding it. I was squeezing and probably holding my breath in a really frowned upon way, but I was doing it.

I’ve done plenty of handstands in my past life, but this was my first successful one in yoga class.

With each passing second I fought to hold on.

Suddenly, I began to feel my toes falling forward, I tried to tighten my core to bring them back to center but I couldn’t do it. I was looking like the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.


And then it happened.

I fell straight down. Because the block was there I couldn’t tuck my head and roll out of it to make the fall graceful.

There was no grace at all. Just a loud thumb as I back flopped onto the hard wooden floor. Well that, and the sound of my “Oh shit” as I plummetted. Apparently cusing in yoga is frownded upon?

Anyways… I got back up and tried again.

I think the instructor, Gi, was worried I was embarrassed and began to explain that to get better you have to fall. She said she couldn’t even count how many spills she has had over the years.

While I appreciated the comfort, I didn’t need it.

Surprisingly I wasn’t embarrassed at all.

I was proud.

I was proud that I went for it. Proud that I had the courage in a packed class to even attempt the move in the first place.

So what if I fell? Falling is a part of life.

You Fall Some To Win Some

And I don’t just mean with yoga.

To become sucessfull or better at anything you have to put yourself out on there. You have to be vulnerable. You have to be okay with falling and the idea that you have to wipe the dirt off and try again.

Some of the greatest influencers of our time have fallen over and over and over again but persistance allowed them to finally become successful.

Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination from one boss! Did that stop him? Nope.

PS- Congrats to all of you who ran Disney this weekend!

Falling fuels.

What’s The Alternative!

You can either try again or you can give up.

If we all gave up after falling hard, then we would all be vegetables. Right? That’s not life. That’s a nitemare.

Falling With Your Resolutions?

Why do resolutions often times drop off the radar? Because we fail a time or two and then toss in the towel. We fall. And then we give up.

So what if you ate terrible and didn’t stick to your diet. So what if you didn’t make it to the gym all 4 days like you wanted. So what if you fell this past week.

It’s all about balance!


Don’t give up. Tomorrow is a new day, heck, today is a new day! Keep pursuing your goal and realize everyone has bad days. You don’t need to be perfect every day, you have to be perfect at accepting imperfections.

Stand Up And Try Again


I’ve been practiceing my handstands now every other day since that fall. Why? So that I can get stronger. I can get better. Handstands are a personal goal of mine. And I want to be a rock star with them.

There have already been more falls. More plops. And more air knocked out of me. But so be it. I’ll continue to jump my feet into the air in an effort to get better, stronger.

Will you?

Note… this isn’t just about my handstands 🙂

Have you ever fallen/tripped/etc while working out?


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