Special Podcast: All Our Favorite & Recommended Things Health & Fitness Edition

Every day I get asked the following:

“Hey Taylor, What’s your favorite ________?”

That blank gets filled in with everything from socks to deodorant.

So I thought it would be a fun podcast if Dan and I just laid it all out there for you. ALL of my favorites when it comes to being healthy, fit and living. And Dan’s too… so perhaps you can help your guy out!

Sit back, grab a coffee and let’s have a date, an open date where we bypass those awkward stages and instead lay everything right on the table.

And if we’re going to be completely honest, let me state for the record that I am not endorsed by any of the companies we are discussing today. These are all brands and items that we love and that we spend our money on.

A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Podcast Edition

Favorite Supplements


Overall Winner: SunWarrior Warrior Blend (Vanilla)

    • Best taste, high quality, vegan, No GMOs, and great for cost!

2nd Winner: Vega Sport 

    • Great flavor, high quality, but pricy

We no longer use whey protein, however when we did, these were our favorites:

Whey Protein Favs: BSN Dessert, Gold Standard & BioTrust


We are BIG fans of green supplements and have tried a ton over the past 12 months. Here’s a post I did on taking a green supplement if you’re interested!

Currently we use 2 different brands:

Juice PlusThis is a daily capsule of dried fruits and vegetables.

Basic Greens: The current green powder that we add to our shakes. Each scoop also contains probiotics!

Price wise, both of these brands are really fair. We also love Athletic Greens, however their steep price makes it harder to buy them on a month to month basis.

Other Supplements

Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil

Vitamin B12 (generic brand)


Onnit’s Alpha Brain

Favorite Foods

Protein Bars

Quest Bars: White Chocolate Raspberry

    • Warning: The chocolate brownie flavor… not so great. Unless you like feet… then it’s delicious. The Coconut is good though!

Moms In The RawI didn’t mention this brand in the show, but I love them! All natural, very basic ingredients, raw, vegan and delicious. I actually was able to find them at Marshalls last month for a great price!

Favorite Shake Recipe: Blend together 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 banana, vanilla protein, ice, 1 tbsp chia seeds, and enjoy!

Favorite Fitness



Exercise When Short On Time:

Rest Day Activities:

Bad Ass Exercises: 

Dan’s: Deadlifts & Kettlebells

Taylors: Pull-ups (click for help on progressing to a pull-up/chin-up) & Pistol Squats

pistol squat progression

Click for details on pistol squat progression

Best Pieces Of Fitness Equipment: 

Foam Roller

Jump Rope

Sand Bags: We have these from Amazon.


Workout Shoes:

Taylor: I love my Mizunos and Puma’s! But always looking for a change!

Dan: Die hard Vibram FiveFinger fan.  Here’s the best deal we’ve been able to find (have I mentioned he has 3 pairs?? Deals are important!)


What are some of your favorites to the topics above? Anything we desperately need to try?


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