Spousal Envy: Why My Husband Loses Weight Faster

Tell me you know what I’m talking about? I love my husband with all of my heart, I mean how can I resist this face:

men lose weight faster

With that being said, it can be extremely frustrating when I work my tush off to see results from my diet and workouts only to feel as if no results are coming my way…

Dan on the other hand, can make one small change and comment after just a few days about seeing results.

Ugh. I mean seriously… I’ve never seen him doing planks while cleaning, yet he is the one with the 6-pack abs!

plank while cleaning

Not only that but let’s talk weight… after being married for about a year, I stepped on the scale to see I had gained about 10 pounds. Where and when did that happen? It was around this time that I went vegan, thinking that I would drop those extra pounds quickly. I didn’t.

Someone that did lose weight? My husband. And let’s face it, he doesn’t need to. His problem as always been his need to gain weight. I know, eye roll here.

But in all seriousness, his losing weight is just as frustrating to him as me gaining weight. And while this isn’t the case with all couples, I know that wives often get frustrated when their husbands see results with weight loss and toning before they do.

What gives?

Are the men working harder, are they more dedicated? Ummm, that’s a big fat no.

The answer is simple… it’s easier for them to drop fat.

Here’s a statistic I read over at Shape:

If a man and woman are the same height and weight, the man will burn roughly 20% more calories per day than the woman. 

Let’s discuss!

Why Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

80s aerobics

Halloween, pretty sure I went and ate some brownies right after this picture was snapped.

Food Preferences

When I am having a bad day, what is the first thing that pops into my mind? Enjoying a big ole’ chocolate chip cookie. Men… not as much. Men crave more “meaty” protein filled foods while women are more likely to have cravings for sweet filled carbohydrates.

This works in their favor because:

A. Once they make the decision to make smarter food choices, they tend to give up sugar filled junk foods easier.

B. Protein can actually help lose weight. Unlike simple carbs (the cookies, chocolate, cakes), protein is broken down slowly and takes work for the body to break down. So the guys feel fuller longer, and their body burns off more calories just by breaking down their steaks.

Women on the other hand, after enjoying a carb-filled snack or meal will be hungry pretty soon… since carbs begin to breakdown in your mouth! Faster digestion, means faster food cravings.

men more muscle

Our honeymoon 2010… I worked my butt off while he just did his “normal” thing to get prepped for the big day.

Metabolic Powerhouses

Unfortunately (or fortunately) men have more muscle mass then women naturally (due to testosterone)… muscle is a very metabolic tissue which means that the more muscle mass a person has, the more calories they burn daily. If a guy cuts back on his calories and adds in a great exercise program then changes are that he will be burning off more calories each day. This of course translates into more pounds lost each week.

This is the issue with Dan… he used to avoid cardio like the plague! That’s changed in the past few months as he is trying to get in all-around better shape (cardio and strength), and he did see the number on the scale go down almost instantly.

men relax

Relax, everything will just take care of itself

Just Forget About It

When you’re dieting, how often do you jump on the scale? How many minutes each day do you spend thinking about your diet, the weight you need to lose, the workout you need to do, etc?

We tend to become obsessed with it… and when we do that only causes more issues. Stressing out about our physical bodies leads to emotional eating, increase in fat hoarding hormones (ghrelin), and lack of motivation.

Basically, for women if we don’t see results fast enough, we want to give up.

Men on the other hand are better at taking it day by day. Studies show that they don’t worry about their physical appearance as much and because of it are more laid back with their results… which of course allows them to keep moving forward for the long run. Of course they have their insecurities too… but not like us. I have NEVER heard a man complaining about what size his pants are or what the scale read this morning.


Kitchen Time

This is more of something I have just noticed in my home and from talking with my clients. I realize that not all women are in charge of meals, but in my house I am. I do the stopping, I plan the meals out, I cook the dinners (except for this past weekend).

I have changed my ways since I realized what I was doing but here it goes: I was a “food taster”. Anytime I was in the kitchen cooking dinner or baking something, I had to nibble away to make sure everything was good to go. By the time dinner was on the plate, I had probably consumed a half portion.

Realizing I was doing this helped a lot and now I make it a point for Dan and I to both be surprised!

This is just a secret calorie zone that women are more likely to find themselves again, making it easier for the guys to keep their calories in check while we aren’t even realizing what we’re doing!

Have you ever found yourself frustrated or jealous of your husband/boyfriend at how easy losing weight seems to be for him?
What else isn’t fair between the sexes? 


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